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Damaged my Note 5. Paid 200 deductible. Received note 5 -refurbished, with charging issues. Returned refurbished replacement. Received another note 5 refurbished. Would not charge at all. Return to asurion Informed they have no note 5 in stock. Offered S7 Edge. Declined offer. Offered to wait till they have it in stock. Called week later. Note 5 not in stock. Offered S7 Edge. Informed them that i would visit Store to see S7 Edge and see if it... Read more

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i broke my phone and he was *** to get tbe claim started. So respond to the email. to make the payment and a security question was wrong so for 24 hours i have to wait. i have been with sprint since 2004 paying ins. to this company since then and i am treated like *** my phone keep cutting off and sometimes not restarting a i have to wait additional 24hrs. my phone is my life because i have a disabled son with seziures and celerbly palsy. ... Read more

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For two months I have been chasing Asurion trying to get our phone replaced. Still unresolved - disgusted. They are nothing more than a scam. I have been on the phone repeatedly and requested help from both Sprint and Asurion and have been hung up on more times than I can count. This has been far too time consuming - especially considering that we pay an additional monthly charge for this service. If Sprint is paying them to perform... Read more

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  • Oct 06
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Had an insurance claim! Verizon rep walked me through the claim. Well they sent wrong phone and wrong line of claim!! Deactivated wrong phone and won't make it right!!! Had to buy a new phone total scam!!!!!

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I noticed a charge from Asurion made on 9/22 and called the company number listed as 866-667-2535. They claimed they received my credit card information from my cell phone provider who authorized the charge for cell phone insurance. They suggested I dispute the charge with my credit card company or bank. I followed up with a call to my cell phone provider to confirm if they authorized such transactions in this way and they denied doing so. ... Read more

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I have made dozens of attempts to get an insurance claim processed for my AT&T serviced Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge phone, via online, via telephone and in person. I have submitted an "affidavit" (ridiculous requirement) and so far NO ONE FROM ASURION has completed my claim. I am in a job search mode - I NEED A WORKING PHONE! AT&T should be responsible for the services of its subcontractors. For an industry leader this handing off of their... Read more

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I purchased their insurance through Verizon. My son's iphone was dropped and broken. After paying the deductable they sent a phone that is listed as "refurbished by Asurion." It worked for one week. I took it to Apple who ran diagnostic testing and inform me that the hardware is defective. Per the Apple Genius Bar employee who helped me, they see this multiple times a day. Asurion ships out refurbished phones that don't work properly or fail... Read more

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Unbreakable galaxy edge 7??? Verizon and Assurion Left me out to dry. No lender phone no nothing had to put back on my old galaxy 3. Just to have some type of communication. And of course Assurion tried denying my claim saying my edge was not in service at the time of loss. After two days of *** finally had a covered claim filed only to find out they are out of edge 7. Been waiting 8 days now still no word.. No one cares anymore just ***... Read more

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About a week ago, I received an alert from my bank that a charge had been made using my credit card without the card being present. It was for $199.00 and made by Asurion Wireless with a listed phone number of 866-667-2535. I called the bank, and the rep cancelled my credit card and ordered a replacement. The only question I was asked was whether I might have made a cell phone insurance claim. I had not. This made me wonder if the charges were... Read more

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Worst company! Have insurance for phone and won't replace it. Big scammers!

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