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Worst company! Have insurance for phone and won't replace it. Big scammers!

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worse customer service ever people are rude and hang up on you after leaving you on hold for an hour, do not explain the terms and condition, and would not send me my original device, they wanted me to keep the temporary phone they sent me. worse experience ive ever had. they didnt have my original device in stock and due to me being a salesman i need my phone 24/7 and i agreed to recieve a temporary device till they get my galaxy s7 edge and... Read more

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Bought my son an Iphone, he fell with the phone in his hand and it shattered. Filed a claim, received a replacement phone (after paying a $200 deductible), mailed broken phone back. Simple right? WRONG! I kept the tracking number and was able to see the phone was received by . A couple weeks later I get an email threatening to charge me $500 because we didnt turn off the find my Iphone feature -- umm, never had it on to start with. Called... Read more

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Att is in cahoots with Asurion in my opinion. After receiving a defective replacement phone that is labeled "like new", but clearly doesn't work properly, I went to ATT and they told me to contact Asurion. After contacting Asurion, they emailed to me an electronic affidavit to fill out that I am to print, fill in with ink and "scan" back. They also require a snapshot of my driver's license. The F##$%%g pdf document WILL NOT PRINT because it... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 17
  • #920648

They suck! My ring broke after 7months and lost the diamond. Lady said they couldnt replace it under the warranty. So what the *** was the warranty for. Paid alot of money for ***. Im not doing that ever again.

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Woke up to a $199.00 charge on my credit card from Asurion. I had never heard of this company before seeing the charge. I looked up the company online and see that it is an insurance service for cell phones. After speaking at length with their customer service and a supervisor, they told me that I don't have an account there and they have no ability to look up these charges with my credit card number and my only recourse is to speak with my... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 13
  • #917951

Terrible,terrible never again used this company, bad service about someone fraudulently files a claim under my account, and still not resolve after 3 month!!!! I want my $400 dollar now not 2to 3 month

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Don't expect a good experience with Sprint's insurance carrier, Asurion. My wife's HTC EVO broke down and their idea of a replacement phone was the Kyocera Torque. When we pointed out that the Torque specs were nowhere near equivalent to the EVO we were told we could file a claim but that would increase the time we spend without a phone by 3 - 10 business days. Seems they are not at all interested in a good customer experience. They are hoping... Read more

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Asurion has written two checks off of my account, for $25 each two weeks apart. I called and they said fax the check copies over and we will get back to you within 48 hours....more than a week later (now) i am calling to follow up and no one seems to know what I'm talking about and they are saying they wouldnt have asked for a fax, and they wouldn't have been able to deposit checks. I went to my bank in the first place, they said i need to... Read more

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I am extremely displeased and upset with the service Asurion provides mobile insurance customers. A few months ago, my iPhone 6 plus needed a replacement due to water damage. I filed a complaint, received my replacement phone, and returned my damaged one. Now, a few months later, I'm experiencing extreme lag and loss of sensitivity on my replacement phone. I take the iPhone to the Apple store, where they inform me that there have been issues... Read more

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