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I am writing this because I am trying to get a "working phone" this time sent to me and have been told a 24 hour hold for address verification is placed on "me" because I have had 4 previous phones sent out to me. This is unacceptable!

I have had to send each of these phones back due to there being something wrong with each of them. An address verification, what??? I have received each one and having to return each one might verify my address. This is ludicrous, I am so angry right now as I read how each claim is sent out within 24 hours of a claim.

Oh how true of the first phone, had it worked. If it doesn't well that changes to 72 hours after that, then another bs address verification 24 hour hold has been added to that. Three days before Christmas and no way to get that phone before then. I feel as if I am being penalized for being sent defective AND refurbished merchandise, which I would normally have to pay over $200 for a deductible, but since I am such a wonderful customer I get the discounted rate of $112.

That sure makes it better, NOT! This is truly is an insurance company alright! I am sure this would be great, had I received a working phone the first time, but I did not. To throw in some excitement the wifi/BT cannot connect, which I spent hours with tech support who could not fix it and it kept updating on my data that was added to my account TWICE!!

Then I asked for a different model because I didn't care for the one they sent me. After much discussion they were going to send me a LG G Flex 2, awesome! After waiting 3 days for some notice of shipping which never came, I had to call again through all those prompts that try to get you to go back to AT&T to use your upgrade instead of using the insurance that I paid for, I get to a person who says they don't know what happened to the device it somehow didn't get shipped. Glad I called, but too late that model is no longer available.

More "talk" leads me to they will send me a V10. Great when, up to 3 "business" days to ship, what?!! So I wait for it to ship and get it 5 days later and it was the model I asked NOT to get! Yep call back, more prompts, oh we're sorry, it happens, REALLY???

Wow! Yes 3 business days to wait as I wonder WTF kind of *** is this and I get another refurbished device that won't freaking charge. At this point I am just going through the motions, wash, rinse, repeat! They told me at this point there would be an address verification 24 hour hold, and I am like, wait, WHAT?

Oh, let me check that, good news I was able to waive that! I'm like, Oh thank you, wondering why I should be grateful about not having to wait 24 hour when I still have the "3 business days" to wait. Well it gets here and I almost made it 2 weeks before this phone starts to factory reset itself! OMG, is this really happening?

So taking a breather before calling a non-responsible customer service person, which was wise, because now they are connecting me back to AT&T (who have been as helpful as possible by waiving data fees) warrantee department. I didn't even realize what had happened until I was read the advisory and asked if I agree! I said wait, the insurance hasn't even filled their part yet. After some discussion with their supervisor, we all agreed that it is still in Asurions hands, so I get transferred back to the prompts and finally another person.

This one says we are going to send a different type of phone, same company, different and newer model, ok send it. OH we have to do an "address verification hold" of 24 hours. Why??? It's obvious you know where I live.

It's our policy! Why??? After sending out this many devices, we have to check to make sure everything is alright. Without taking a breath, please connect me with your supervisor.

After 5 minutes, Hello what is the problem sir? Needed a breath for this one, don't you think I have waited enough time? Sir, as many devices as we have sent we have to make sure everything is right with the device... (So many ways to go south here) BUT, he says that I only get one 24 hour period waived and I used that one up!

So there will be a wait! I said something about there not being a reason to have this many phones sent if they sent a working one the first time, and why am I being penalized for their mistake? Sir after this many phones we have to make sure the device is right... What has this to do with an address verification?

We have to check everything and the 24 hours stands. So why is this called an address verification when that is not what it is at all. Oh it is and it stands. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Yes, send me a working device this time, click! I do not have all the dates and hours I have spent setting up and resetting up devices, returning, 3 hours on AT&T tech support alone. This last phone call to Asurion was today 12/21/16. I began this claim in the 1st week of November and seems to keep going.

I am hoping people will find other ways to insure their phones and speak out if they have similar experiences. Ultimately, I would just like my replacement device to work like it is supposed to and in a time frame that matches what their advertising says.

All the time I put into this I will never get back and if I were that business I would try to compensate by throwing some accessories or something at me, but I would like to have a working phone so I don't have to use Google Voice!! The 24 hour address verification hold is insulting and brought on by sending defective equipment which is out of my control and in my opinion this hold is has nothing to do with my address.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Replacement.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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