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Lets face it asurian will never change this time i had an employee on the phone from assurant who actually got told by his supervisor to hang up due to him believing that i was being in so many words taken to the cleaners. If we all got together we could actually do somthing till then they will contine to rip off people like you and me.

Iove to see them in court or have another company break up there monopoly. If you want to get smart about this, when you purchase another phone dont go through any financing pay with YOUR CREDIT CARD,the credit csrd companys insure the phones for FREE. Then put any money away that you would have spent on insurance and before you know it the next phone will be paid for and no hassels. That asurian is a real piece of work.

If you do have to deal with them be persistent, remember names, dates, ect documentation is what they hate most of all, and being a persistent thorn in there side usually pays off. Hope this helps, just make it to the CEOs office, talk to Ms.

Karen Mills, debra, jason, and the list goes on tell them Roberta sent you the S7 girl im sure they'll remember. Remember et me speak to a supervisor they get pissed off ut you'll get one sooner or later goid luck!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Claim.

Reason of review: Complicated process, dishonest company all of them, accept assurant and apple.

Monetary Loss: $589.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Asurion Pros: Nasty, Dishonest employees.

Asurion Cons: Not fast and efficient, Stated i never had insurance, When i had proof, Wasted days of my time and lost job due to problem.

  • Asurion Is A Ripoff
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