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According to ( .. they have a rating of "A".. which is the BEST!.. you just have to read the terms&conditions before signing the contract in full!! cant complain if all the materials are provided beforehand and are accessible to the consumers..

BBB Rating for Asurion Insurance Services, Inc.

Based on BBB files, Asurion Insurance Services, Inc. has a BBB Rating of A.

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On January 17, 2007 BBB met with the management of Asurion Insurance Services. The company explained their program and supplied BBB with copies of their handset insurance brochures that are available for consumers' to obtain in their wireless carrier's store. Each brochure contains a copy of the applicable insurance policy as well as detailed instructions on how to file a claim. The brochures outline the monthly premium for the insurance and deductible that the customer must pay in the event they file a claim and it is approved. The insurance program brochures state that phones may be replaced with new or refurbished cell phones or PDAs.

To file a replacement claim, consumers are required to submit their claim within 30 or 60 days, depending on their insurance program. For claims involving a stolen or lost cell phone or PDA, a police report is typically required to document the theft or loss of the phone or PDA.

Consumers can file their claim via or the toll-free number provided below:

T-mobile customers - 866-268-7221

Verizon customers - 888-881-2622

Cricket customers - 866-718-0693

Sprint/Nextel customers -

A deductible, as outlined in each wireless carrier's specific insurance program brochure, is required to fulfill a claim. There is no cash paid or reimbursement to insureds. The program only covers the equipment that is assigned to the wireless phone number of the phone insured.

If you are experiencing difficulty in filing a claim please contact Donna Drehmann at 615-445-3214 before filing a complaint with BBB.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance.

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I am going thru the same issue now with my phone. only difference is i dont have another phone to call tech support from, and they have flat out told me i am stuck with this refur palm pre (sprint), unless i call from a different line, Which i dont have.

after asking for a copy of the policy and procedures for returnig a damged replacement phone, NO RESPONSE.

SO i am in the proccess of filing a complaint with the BBB Nashville TN. Nothing will probly come of it but i am determined to make sure it is convient for the consumer, and not just the company......


That is all fine BUT I am now waiting for my THIRD replacement phone from them. $130 deductible and 50 minutes on the phone (at least) each time they have sent me a defective phone.

I have great hopes that this one will work.

I am with T Mobile and have a Motorola Cliq. I will be receiving my 4th Motorola Cliq tomorrow, I'll keep you posted.

Clearly they have some deal where they are buying refurbs or defective phones as replacements.

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