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I accidentally sent a replacement phone back to Assurion that should have been sent back to Verizon itself. After seeing the full price on my bill, I contacted Verizon and they told me that they did not receive the phone.

I immediately called Assurion. First, after I spoke with them, they told me that they have no way of tracking it. I called Verizon and they gave me the ein #. I called Assurion back and gave them the ein # and asked them to track it.

Magically they found it and admitted that they had received that phone. Then they said that they could not retrieve the phone to send it back to me. I asked them how did they just keep a phone that is clearly not theirs and just do what they want with it? Since they would not or could not send back my phone to send it to Verizon, Verizon wanted the full retail price for the phone.

Verizon being partnered with Assurion meant nothing. Assurion then told me to claim the phone as lost or stolen and pay the deductible of 99 dollars and they would send me out another phone to give to Verizon. Since, Verizon is looking for a specific phone id, that wouldn't help me. It would just add another 99 dollars to the already mounting debt.

Then, Assurion says that they cant help me. Bottom line is that they said that they don't look for an id number for a phone claim when you send in your broken phone. They just make sure it is the same brand.

So in other words, if you somehow get your hands on a phone like yours just send it in and Assurion will wipe it clean for you and send you a clean clear title replacement for the deductible because its proven they have no way of tracking it. I am sure that is just great news for all the thieves out there stealing phones and just bad luck for all the honest hard working suckers trying to have something.

Monetary Loss: $569.

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okay *** ***,

let's get this send a phone meant for Verizon to Asurion, Why? When Asurion does an insurance replacement they send a prepaid label with their address on it. Why did you send the device to Asurion, did Verizon send you a prepaid label to return the device. Or did you take it upon yourself to attempt to send the device back? And choose the wrong address? Asurion can track devices thru IMEI or ESN when notified of loss or theft but not on a "salvage return" replacement since those phones are placed on a BLOCKLIST and can't be used ANYWAY as they get refurbed / rehabbed.

Take some responsibility for your own mistake. It's like men that *** about their booty call girl getting knocked up claiming the ho, told them they were on the pill...there is no excuse protect yourself always and wear a *** condom, fool. So nobody can trap you. it's called taking ownership of your life.

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