I filed a claim 3 months ago, I was asked to send proof of Id's. My driver permit is expired, I trusted them enough to send my citizenship certificate, they have the nerve to tell me that document is not valid. They refused to give me my phone and my money back. When Boost Mobile was pressuring me to get that insurance, they didn't tell me what type of Id's that I would need to have my phone replaced in case it's lost or damaged.

I tried to explain to the CEO that anyone can own a cellular phone. He asked me to fax him the same copy of the citizenship to him to see what he can do, that's 3 weeks ago, and I never received any answer from him until I called again today to find out that my claim was once again denied, there is nothing we can do, blah blah blah. Why didn't you send me an email after you received my document to let me know your decision? Do you really didn't know what a citizenship looks like or you only want to see if I look like Barbie so you can send me the phone?

Did they need to know who I am before taking my money? For your info, you don't need to have a car, a green card or a driver licence to get a cellphone. Tell the companies that represent you to inform the customers of all your rules before subscribing for your obviously not so good service, because everyone is complaining about it.

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