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We used our Assurion insurance to get a replacement phone when one of our cell phones was damaged. The phone they sent was completely defective.

It is my daughter's phone and she took it back to Verizon 3 times to try to figure out what was wrong and they told her it couldn't be fixed and that it was a faulty phone. When I called Assurion to try to get another replacement, I was given the run around...spent over an hour on the phone...most of that time on hold, trying to take care of the situation.

They would do NOTHING for me because the phone was with my daughter and not with me. My daughter lives an hour away...has no other phone to call them from and no car to go anywhere to be able to call them...they said that was too bad, and that we would have to wait until the next time we were together and call back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance.

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Same thing happen to me they sent the phone back with the same problem and she's 18hours away :(


You Have NO IDEA what you are talking about ... tired of people crying and wining .. grow up


I ordered a replacement phone and paid $89.00. When I called the first time to see why I had not recieved my phone the supervisor said that it was on back order and that I could have a choice.

I told him I would have to check with my son, since it was his phone. When I called back I got different people and a supervisor named Omar, he told me my check was declined and that they had the phone there ready to ship. I called my bank to make sure the check had cleared, it had. I faxed Travis and Omar a copy of my bank activity.

The bank told me they would send me a snap shot of the check in a couple of days. Let's see what kind of a response I get.

I will also cancel this insurance. I am very unhappy!






Phone support system is a JOKE, spend a good 5 minuets plopping in numbers just to talk to someone. Once you get a hold of someone they read and follow from a script and they will not proceed further until they accomplished the line they are on.

Phone dropps out a couple times, call back, waste more time. Finally I get ahold of a "technician".

I had a vibration problem with my phone ( vibrator loose causing excessive noise when activated ) they wanted me to CALL back on a different line so they could TROUBLE SHOOT the issue. That was not the only problem but the space key on the QWERTY keyboard did not work only if you pressed real hard on it. They WOULD NOT proceed until I called back on another line for them to TROUBLE SHOOT something that is MECHANICAL. IDIOTS.

So I waited until I had another line and called back so they could do their *** test, only to find out that there is something wrong with the phone.

This was my 3RD REPLACEMENT refurb phone fron ***-URION, all of them seem to have lasted a couple months and @ $50 a POP I was FED UP with it. After talking to 3 SUPERVISORS I was able to get something done about it.

As soon as I get my replacement (NEW) phone, I will cancell their services and tell everyone about my experience.



I had a situation where I knew the terms, and they sent me a phone that broke again two weeks after the warranty period was up, and I had to pay another $50 for a phone. So according to their terms, they can let a phone go off the line that they may feel will malfunction in 3 weeks, give it to the customer, have it malfunction and still be technically within their "terms". That sounds like a bad business practice to me. GOOD business practice is to back your product for an extended period of time. The 7 day warranty is just a way for them to cover themselves.

Put it this way: When you buy a car, you may expect it to run for 150,000 miles before any drivetrain issues. Reputable car companies offer warranties from 36,000 - 100,000 miles. That's anywhere between 24% to 66% of the life of the car you are covered.

-Now, say you are 1 year into your contract and your phone breaks. You can't take advantage of your factory warranty so you go to insurance and have to rely on their warranty (7 days), and you expect to be in contract for another year before upgrading to a new phone. That mean's you are covered for TWO PERCENT (2%) of the expected life of the product. They are clearly not backing the products they are releasing and saying "oh well, it's your problem" after the 7 days.

I refuse that the customer is to blame here. The only thing the customer is guilty of is not having an alternative to a crook of an insurance company.


I have had insurance for all my phones with Assurion for a few years now. Up until now I have been happy with the service.

My daughters phone had to be replaced a few weeks ago. Two weeks after we got it, the touch screen malfunctions and the only way to get the power cord to attach and power the unit is to bend it back slightly. I called Assurion and spoke to someone in technical support. They deemed it a loose connection and that voids the warranty.

Therefore I'm out of $50 and would I like to file another claim and pay another $50!! I'm extremely ticked off and have already contacted the Better Business Bureau. Having terms and conditions is fine, but to deem that my phone has a loose connection, over the phone, without physically looking at it is rediculous!!

The 7 day warranty is a joke and only ensures that they themselves dont get stuck with a *** phone. I'm cancelling the insurance now and will look to ebay for a few inexpensive phones to have around as backup.


What I don't understand is the fact that none of the consumers who have Asurion Insurance has taken time to read their terms & conditions of their policy. Everything I read on here about policy and procedures is out there for you as a consumer to read.

The policy gives you all the terms & conditions of how the insurance works and everything I have read by you customers and your complaints are clearly stated in the terms & conditions. They clearly state that you may receive a new or refurb device. They come with 7 day return policy as well as a 1 year warranty for malfunction. They even state how long you have to file a claim on device.

They clearly state that you are covered for lost stolen physical & liquid damage. It sounds to me like you need to take the time to read & understand the insurance you are signing up for. We are so spoiled as customers that we thank we should be able to pick & chose the way things should work. Take time to educate yourself and then make an educated decision.

You get upset about paying monthly premium and then when you file a claim you have to pay a deductible. Is that not how all insurance works whether it be medical, car, or home owners etc .

The key word here is “INSURANCE “, it all works the same way. Quit crying and man up & take time to educate yourself!!!


get a hold of me maybe enough of us together can SUE them or get this place closed down!!!u can reach me at


OMG I was just looking for their phone to call them BACK from yesterday 45min on hold. The replace my husbands phone with a totally diferent phone, I spoke to a Manager TRENT and he basically told me to live with it.

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