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I am a Verizon Customer with an Asurion Insurance Account for multiple years at $6.99/line per month. I wanted to file a Manufactures warranty claim, due to the fact that Assurion does not send new but refurbished phones, so my refurbished phones always *** out in multi different ways.

Turns out they will not honor a MANUFACTURE'S after 2nd warranty claim, NOT a DAMAGED claim, but WARRANTY! My last phone lasted 6 months w/o messing up.

I Wish I Had Known They Would Not Grant Further Claims so I would not pay for a service that I cannot use. 6months x $6.99 x 2lines = $83.88 STOLEN from me by ASSURION!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $84.

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Bottomline Verizon lady, Asurion works for you, and they are TERRIBLE and *** off YOUR customers. You can say all you want, but NO ONE I know is happy with Asurion.


band of bandits, bastards, thats umbelievable that a great country like usa, still granted mafia like those, any DAs office if look into that will see!!!


I work for Verizon. Asurion does the insurance claims for us.

Loss, theft, damage, etc. If you had no damage to the phone, this would have been a warranty replacement.

Our warranty has its faults at times, but there is no need to post here about Asurion when they had nothing to do with it. You should further discuss with Verizon and their warranty department.

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