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Assurion is a scam you give them 7 bucks a month and something goes wrong with your phone youstill have to give them 50 and you get a different model of your phone that is not worth 50 new!!! They stuck me and other people reserch insurance and find one not afiliated with assurion so you dont get screwed!!!

Assurion says they stand behind there services but they also want to charge you another 50 to get you a new phone and if you try to ask to complain to a manager make sure you got unlimited minutes it took me 3 times and about 3 hours!!! Dont use assurion.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Call and complain to the bbb. The guy I spoke with was rude.

It took 7 minutes to get to the ***. Then I was hold for 59 minutes. The next day I called to see where my replacement was, the automated system told me I had an open claim and that 100 dallors had to be paid. Well I okayed.

It to be billed to my account so what is the problem.

Sprint needs to get ride of them. :?


I was the lucky recipient of a Samsung Stratosphere refurb from ASSurion that had previous water damage. It lasted 3 months.

Never worked properly and was 99 bucks. Never buy insurance for cell phones they are easy to replace and hopefully one day the rest of society will get that through their heads too. And id like to say that its good to read that fraudulant claims are a major thorn in this *** company's side.

That's what a company this greedy deserves. Lol


What a rip off!!!! Thats all I have to say after sending them $100 twice and both phones received with crazy!!!






same problem - they replaced my expensive phone with a cheap phone. After paying the $50 dedctable, I find out the cheap phone they sent is on special for $29.99. I'm not done with them yet!


I know exactly how you feel, you think theyd be a little more helpful, theyre not. I put so much money into them.

Then make you give your card information, yup typical. I have verizon, and they are another screwy company.


this company is full of ***...what's the use of paying for insurance when you have to pay money to receive a new phone if your old one is damaged?! scam isnt the word for this company...they need to get they *** sued.

Instead of appreciating the fact that customers giving yall business a try...yall rather use and take us for granted.



Have you people never heard of insurance? Of course there is a monthly fee, then deductible when you need a replacement.

If you don't want to pay it, save up money yourself, stop breaking your phones, and pay outright for a brand new one when you need it. Duh.

I've never had insurance on a phone and never will. I just save and use old ones, and my boyfriend buys used ones when he needs a replacement.


They denied my claim because I happned to switch the sim into my iphone since which i use as a computer when my bberry was lost. i have been paying insurance for 2 YEARS!!!

they just denied my claim and basically said i was *** out of luck..aaarrrgggghhh! so livid right now i could scream! to think what I could of done with that money I shelled out each and every month i could of bought a new one my self!!

heck yeah let's do a class action suit!! :(


Third rotten LG phone in less than 12 months, Asurion Ins. charged me 50.00 for the first 2 phones, the *** phone was free to begin with, this is a total scam!!!!


Assurion scewed me too. They kept sending me phones that did not wor on a claim and I would send the phone back and they would send me annother *** Phone.

I have sent all the phones bck to them and they claim they have not got one of the phones bac yet.

What the *** do want with a broken phone. Thy still have my $130.00 deducable


This is like my fourth return bcuz wit the Samsung memoir camera did not work then the calls kept dropping cuz it could not get a good signal.So a month ago on the last return they ran out of memoirs & sent me a behold 2 I drop the phone on the foor inside & the whole memorycard slot fell out"WEIRD"it was lost so i paid $150.00 deductible for another phone that was supose to be Brand New but it dont hold a charge &I have to keep shaking it like salt &pepper shakers to make a phone call,This is ridiculous


iI would like to know the statusof m application?


This phone company sucks they just refurbish phone and send out as new im on third one in threee days lol first one screen was broke second one screen was angled n off center lol then the last onw so far the speaker doesnt work no ringtones speaker doesnt work LOL this is a whole load of BS!!! maybe we can all get together n SUE THEM we can reach me at this is sorry serice for the money we spend!!


My daughter's phone got replaced in 2-3 days. But within 2-3 weeks she started having software/firmware problems.

Now they claim the phone is out of warranty since the "drop" sticked has been activated. I told them everybody's phone gets dropped (including mine but mine works fine).

That means 98% of the phones are out of warranty. Assurion stinks.


You are an scam. You are not for anybody you just charge money, make people wait on the phone and then you always say "our system is down call in about 4 hours or go on line.

You chit on me 2 yars ago and again today.



:( u got that right :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


I have had good and bad experiences. The good I have had about 6 replacement phones in 3 years all worked.

The bad My deductable is 130 dollars a month when I pay 8 dollars a month wtf. And no im not proof reading its a post not an essay for school


They sent 2 bad phones to me this week. Always wanting my credit card and keeping me on the phone for hours and hours.

Yesterday same story only today no phone. I gave up. They have supposedly refunded my deductible (time will tell). The junk is in the mail I will live with the broken phone until my contract is up next month.

And I had this bad insurance on 2 phones for 2 years.

Definate rip-off. :x no more.


I had received 2 replacement phones (supposedly your only allowed 3 per year) and when I received my 3rd replacement phone, teh phone was no good so I sent back the one I had just received and RE-activated my old phone (the one I was trying to replace). A few months later, the phone outright would not turn on and Assurion told me that Ihad already received my 3 phones for the year and that I was not able to receive another one.

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