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I recently went hiking and came back to my car to find someone had thrown a rock through the front window and stolen both mine and my girlfriend's phones, in addition to her computer, purse and wallet. I filed my claim with Asurion and was told the replacement would be delivered the next day.

I went to track my package online and noticed that a request for the packed to be returned to the sender had been made. I called Asurion to see what was going on and they told me there was suspicious activity on the account. My girlfriend had the same problem but after speaking to a supervisor at Asurion her replacement device was resent. I explained this to the Asurion rep and they proceeded to check her account.

They soon came back to tell me that "neither you or your girlfriend are getting phones," and that there was nothing we could do. Feeling pretty frustrated I went to Verizon to see if they could tell me what was going on. A Verizon manager got on the phone with Asurion and an hour later he called to tell me that they couldn't find a problem with the claim and the replacement would arrive on Monday. Monday came and went and the phone didn't come.

I once again called Asurion and they informed me that I was committing fraud and that I would not be getting a phone. I had a police report which, to them, meant nothing. They claimed that "all that means is I reported a phone to the police." This company treated me with complete disrespect and accused me of committing fraud, which I did not. Having to deal with the rude, inconsiderate Asurion reps on top of everything else we had to deal with after the theft made my bad situation worse.

I have never experienced worse customer service in my life and I urge everyone to find a different insurance provider for their device. Asurion is one of the worst companies I have ever come in contact with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $449.

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This company disgusts me! In addition to AT & T - In the trauma of being tossed between the two for over 3 and a half hours to find that most wireless companies use and only offer Asurion, this is unbelievable to me!

In an already bad situation both companies proved that they do not care about long term customers. In short, our local AT & T store is undergoing ongoing management issues to which they continue to have a sign on the door that they are not open and no date to be open, went to Wal-Mart as they sell AT & T phones, purchased phone + insurance and the device was stolen in a week, we called AT & T to report stolen, suspend, etc., we filed a police report, called AT & T again to submit claim, spoke with Asurion after 4 days since the phone still was not received, most rude, disrespectful human on the other line talked over me, refused to go forward with claim, insisted that the phone never had air time. Called AT & T to gather proof, found proof for Asurion, then Asurion denied claim again stating that the phone had no insurance. After hours of heated conversations with both Asurion and AT & T, they will not honor the claim and treated us long term customers, over 20 years, very disrespectfully - we will be finding another provider and it will not be insured with Asurion!

Everyone should take a stand and not maintain service with AT & T and should not "insure" with Asurion because that doesn't even matter if you are insured, they can still deny the claim on a brand new stolen phone! Disgusting, isn't that what insurance is for!?




Same exact thing happened to me. The real *** frauds here are Asurion.

Unbelievable. Nothing worse than paying someone monthly only to have them accuse you of things that are absolutely bollucks.

Unbelievable that they can charge your card the deductible and send you a tracking number only to pull the carpet right out from underneath you. They should be ashamed of themselves


Stay away from Azurion!!! It's not a reputable company.

They're out to get your money, you'll get nothing back. It's a shame that Verizon still deal with them.


This is a fraudulent company. They are so afraid that their customers are ripping them off that they are the ones ripping off the customers.

I try to file a claim re-filed, was told to complete my claim and got locked out of my account. This company is gone I will simply buy a new phone if I have problems or get mine fixed at my own cost


should have filed it with your car insurance


Interesting, I actually have never had a problem with them. I have gone and broken the screen on my HTC Evo like 3 times, all replaced.

Recently I dropped my EVO 4g LTE in the tub. The experience was a little different and I know that they have had some policy changes. When I first called to make my claim, they said that my claim had randomly been selected for further verification.

I called past the 24 hr timeline they gave me and the rep said they don't know why it's on hold and I am supposed to receive my phone today. Wish me luck.


I filed a claim for the first time in 4 years for a cracked screen. The claim was denied and my $199 copay still to be refunded. Self-insure yourself and avoid these scAmmers


Asurion is a RIPOFF!!!!

They do not honor the deductibles listed in their brochure. They take your money, and when you need to make a claim they *** over.



I agree 110% , I got the same deal, the run around, jumping through hoops giving them everything Assurion asked for and they put my claim on a "24hr review" ... All Assurion cares about is money and NOT the customers!!

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