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Asuirion is the only option (other than NO insurance) when buying my phone(s) at T-Mobile. it\'s not the rep\'s fault, as they are there to add value by smiling and being knowledgeable about getting you up and running on the phone of your choice. what is going on behind the scenes is a QUITE a CONSPIRACY to ABSCOND with MY MONEY without ONE SHRED OF RETURN on that \"insurance investment of $5.00/month, etc, etc. i lost a phone (5th time; 4 previous times got screwed but had money to look the other way and \"deal\" with it, which i now know is how Asurion focuses on revenues) ... and then later found it 3 days in arrears of a high and low search from he-double-toothpics. however, i had in the meantime filed my claim with Asurion who told me on the phone: \"WE NO LONGER HAVE BLACK GOOGLE G1 PHONES, BUT WOULD YOU ACCEPT A WHITE ONE IN ITS PLACE?\" i said (reasonably), \"Sure.\" so, the phone arrives 2 days later, as they promised (much better than the experiences i have read about on-line, however), and since i had in located my phone (virtually same day), i PURPOSELY DID NOT OPEN THE PACKAGE that was sent to me from Asurion ... and i put the phone, with all of the specifications of the WHITE GOOGLE G1 phone ON EBAY... which i have to live up to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that said, i sold the phone - or so i thought. and the buyer mentioned that i should open the package \"just to make sure\" ... and AHHH-HHHAAAAA!!!! he was RIGHT!!!!!! Asurion screwed me for the FIFTH (5th) time!!!!!!!!!! and this time they sent me the WRONG phone!!! it was a Google compatible HTC MyTouch \"Jack\" Black phone. WHAT A FARCE!!!!!!!!! soooooo, i called Asurion ... and nevermind the fact that my phone call was TRUNCATED on theiri phone tree system \"because i was calling from the phone from which i had an issue with the phone that was sent to me via the claim.\" THEY SHOULD NEVER, EVER DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but, they did, arrogantly - and need i say devisively - and PROFITABLY?!!!!!!!!!! wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!!!!!!!! so, after 40 minutes of trying to find a telephone number that would actually GET ME A HUMAN BEING, i found a customer service person who tried FIVE TIMES to RAILROAD ME into saying that ... \"since (i) approved the credit card, then the order was approved,\" BUT HOW IN LIVING *** AM I SUPPOSED TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEVIOUS, CRIMINAL CHANGES THAT THEY MAKE TO MY PHONE ORDER AFTER I HANG UP THE PHONE?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! it\'s ABSOLUTE THEIVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got so mad at them when they refused to tell me the name of the person who skrewed up the order, that i flipped the switch and recorded the balance of my conversation(s) with them, and the customer service girl said that she could no longer help me since i was recording the conversation EVEN THOUGH THEY RECORD EVERY *** WORD OF THE CONVERSATION THEMSELVES!!! soooo, she said she would transfer me to \"legal dept,\" and the next person to get on the line was \"Crystal\" and when i asked for her last name she hesitated ... fumbled around ... changed the subject ... diverted me to other conversation points ... and after i refused to continue unless i knew he last name, she said (very quietly) \"Johnson.\" then she said, \"i\'m Crystal Johnson, CEO!!!\" i said \"really?\" can you prove it? she said \"what do you mean?\" i said \"you can\'t tell me that the CEO of Asurion just found a few minutes to get on the phone to address the lies and logistics of Asurion!?!?!!\" and then she said \"i\'m Crystal Johnson from the office of the CEO.\" i said \"Oh, soooo ... you lied, like all the other people at Asurion thus far ... through the past five phones i\'ve lost ... and despite the $5/month that you have pocketed, along with the $130-$150 you have taken in three different claims, you still have the audacity to get on the phone and speak into a microphone and LIE like that?!\" then, Ms. Crystal Johnson (assuming that\'s her real name) said ... i can no longer continue this phone call if you are recording me. i said ... but i recorded a bunch of the conversations prior to this with others who lied to me just like you did, so how about you do yourself and correct yourself in the microphone and then we can get to the next issue, which is that YOU have my money and REFUSE to serve me!!!!! then, she hung up! really? is that what the USofA is all about? i\'m sending a letter to Obama about this, and my senator and rep!!!! Asurion will not be around long!!!!

they cost me (THIS TIME) about $700 in my time, and they finally agreed to send me a "package" that will SUPPOSEDLY enable me to return my phone in accordance with their "standards" ... etc, etc. WE'LL SEE IF IT HAPPENS!

kisses, phil

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance.

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you should have just returned the phone they sent you once you found your old one. it's fraud.

can't believe you'd try to sell it in ebay, that causes everyone's premiums to go up. you could just stop paying $5 a month and look after your phone better...


**** Last UPDATE ****

***-urine has succeeded in STEALING my $135, which they have NOT credited to my account, despite me following every single one of their sniveling little rules to get my money back. I DID MY PART, YET THEY HAVE NOT DONE THEIR PART, and they are such thieves i cannot even believe it!!!!


malkboy said "that could be considered fraud..."

he's right. it IS fraud and it's a felony. i'm sure asurion's fraud dept appreciates you posting your admission of guilt online - cuts down on their workload


hey MALKBOY, whatever that is ... you are out of line!




Dude... You do know that the phone you reported as being lost/stolen actually becomes the property of the insurance company once you file a claim on it right? You're complaining about selling a replacement device you received that wasn't what is was supposed to be, but what device were you planning on using when you returned the equipment to Asurion that you recovered that they now owned as of the moment you completed the claim? I'm taking a guess here, but I'm guessing you were going to keep the phone you found (and wasn't yours) and try to sell the replacement for a profit (tsk,tsk)... that could be considered fraud...

Next, It sounds like you were being an *** and despite the representative telling you that you didn't have permission to record the call, implied that you were going to continue to do so... what exactly did you expect the representative to do, continue to help you despite your obviously combative and abrasive attempts to bully into what you wanted? And two things about recordings for companies.. most of them, and Asurion's does say this, say calls **MAY** be recorded and they are for ** QUALITY ** purposes only.

But hey.. who am I.. A random bit of text with an opinion on the internet, just like you..


UPDATE .... ***-Urine STILL has NOT sent me the "box" with which i am to use to return the BS Phone BACK TO ***-Urine!!!!

geeeee THANKS, you thieves!!!!

get 'em Obama!!! smell their feet!

tie 'em up!!! get my money back while you're at it!!!!!!!


Dude ... I have heard of this happening to a friend of mine too.

Bull *** service.

I'm researching other option right now .. for the price I can afford there is squaretrade.

But i've never used them ..... has any1?

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