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I applied for a replacement, that my 18 year old son, who does not live with me, lost. The Asurion Representative for T-Mobile was so polite.

However, after I finished giving her the information she asked for, like which phone was lost. I informed her that I discovered the phone, I originally purchased, was lost. She took the information and told me someone would contact me with the completion of the replacment in a few days. (DAYS?) Anyway, since I had disconnected the number, I wouldn't need it for a while.

I was going to give it to my mother (75 yrs old). And like most of the rest of this country, I work, so on my day off, I take care of my business. Well Asurion finally called back a week later, and on a Sunday. This was fortunate, since I didn't attend church that day.

Anyway, he informed me that my claim for a phone was denied. Denied? Why? The phone was not in use on the date you stated.

Of course it wasn't it was lost! Anyway, I called T-Mobile and told her I want all the money i paid to that company back. She ended up calling Asurion. The rep told me, well, that isn't the phone that's in use.

I told her, I know that, that's why we reported it lost. He had placed his sim card into another phone. The rep said, well that's the one you are supposed to report, that's why your claim was denied. What?

Finally I told her, since the phone is discontinued (which it had been for months) I didn't give a *** which one they sent. I wanted another phone, since I have the family plan. Okay, In the end, I might get a Refurbished phone that's going to cost me about $40, plus the months of premiumns. Why am I writing this letter.

Well, it was easier to report my Car Stolen! I had a check in 5 days.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I just got a 2nd phone by Asurion, The first one had a screen issue around the edges, i got my second one, and it will not receive email or texts. So i have to call and they will probably send me another one out, not to mention over night.

I can’t believe they do that, the money they spend overnight several phones, I would rather wait 5 days and get a quality phone then to have 5 junk phones shipped to my home overnight. I’m not big on refurbished phones anyway! They should take the money they spend in overnight things and put it somewhere useful like in a quality assurance program. With all that said, i have insurance on my phone so that if i loose it or break it i can get a new one.

With the money being spent on junk phones and overnight, how can Asurion make any money or keep happy customers?

I’m not sure what is worse having no phone or having a phone that gives you problems? Moral of the story, If you going to have a cell phone don’t break it, if you do buy a new one and save the money on insurance and headaches.


Well I work for Asurion so let me tell you how the insurance works…

1) Your insurance follows your sim card. (when you take the sim out of a ’sidekick’ and put it in a ‘nokia’ the insurance transfers)…(call us as soon as something happens to your phone. (w/in 30 days or 60 days in NY)

2) Your lost phone has to be lost with the sim in it for it to be replaced ( or if you loose your phone w/ out the sim, DONT KEEP USING SIM IN ANOTHER PHONE, get it suspended)

3)If your not using your phone, we cant replace it… (if you get another sim activated(loaner phone), make sure you call us within 30 days or 60 if you live in NY)

4) There is a deductible on all lost, stolen, damaged or out of warranty phones. $40, $70, or $110 (depending on the phone)

5)With tmobile, if your acct is not able to get an upgrade or you dont want to add a line to your plane… they would make you pay full retail value for your phone…(we just charge deduct. and dont extend your contract like tmobile)

6)As stated in the terms and conditions, you may receive a new or refurbished phone… The refurbished phones do have a warranty so call us right away if something happens to your phone and we can assist you. (As long as the phone does not have physical damage)


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