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I have had device protection with Asurion for over 3 years on my account, as well as I used to work for rogers and sold this to many of my customers. I finally have had to actually use the protection myself seeing as my phone recently took a trip through the washing machine. Well in some ways I am happy with how it was dealt with however I most definitely have some issues with how this whole ordeal came about. Ill start with the good aspects:...
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I liked
  • Customer service
  • Efficiancy
I didn't like
  • Defective device
  • Not even the same device sent to me
  • Refurbished device
I've been a sprint costumer for over 5 years..being charged 271.00 for 3 lines including ins on all three.. and have used Assurion a couple times with no problem.. my sons I phone 6 had an issue with screens popping off and it was due to a defect in phone and last in repairshop said to use ins and get a new phone as it finally died.. couldn't even turn on anymore.. so calllwd assurion and had a new phone in 2 days.. with directions and an...
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After some discussion with their supervisor, we all agreed that it is still in Asurions hands, so I get transferred back to the prompts and finally another person. This one says we are going to send a different type of phone, same company, different and newer model, ok send it. OH we have to do an "address verification hold" of 24 hours. Why??? It's obvious you know where I live. It's our policy! Why??? After sending out this many devices, we...
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Return to asurion Informed they have no note 5 in stock. Offered S7 Edge. Declined offer. Offered to wait till they have it in stock. Called week later. Note 5 not in stock. Offered S7 Edge. Informed them that i would visit Store to see S7 Edge and see if it would work. Called next day and accepted S7 Edge. Received S7 Edge in mail. Suprise - not S7 Edge. Received Note5. WTF? Called back, forwarded to authorization department. Informed it...
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I didn't like
  • Penalize for their mistake
  • Incorrect phone sent
  • Service delivery