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They are the worst company I have ever dealt with! I was told I would be charged $50 to replace my phone, after fighting with them for weeks to even replace it, and then get a bill for $199. They claim to have all our phone calls recorded EXCEPT the one where the claim is finalized and I am told my fee is $50. They don't care about keeping their word, losing customers, or even claims to the BBB. All they care about is getting as much money as possible. I've been treated VERY rudely, called a liar, and LIED to, just to get me off the phone. Who tells their customers they will be charged $50 after putting them through hours of ***, then charges them 4 times the amount?? ASURION. I will be telling EVERYONE how they lie and cheat their customers. Just check out their unresolved complaints on BBB. Look at how they talk to people even through email. They just throw a bunch of copy and pasted legal jargon at people and call it a day.

FYI Cell phone customers- You do NOT have to use Asurion. There are plenty other phone insurance companies out there that don't LIE AND CHEAT their customers, they actually care about keeping you as a customer, not just pretend to on Facebook AND they're cheaper.  Esurance, Gocare, SquareTrade, Ensquared, Protect Your Bubble, and so many more! Do your research people! 

FYI- I Wrote this comment on their Facebook, and they deleted it and blocked me. I had friends write it for me, guess what they did to them??

Too bad they can't stop me from private messaging all of their customers that post on their Facebook. Yep, I'm personally writing to all of them.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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