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i broke my phone and he was *** to get tbe claim started. So respond to the email.

to make the payment and a security question was wrong so for 24 hours i have to wait. i have been with sprint since 2004 paying ins. to this company since then and i am treated like *** my phone keep cutting off and sometimes not restarting a i have to wait additional 24hrs. my phone is my life because i have a disabled son with seziures and celerbly palsy.

i get tons of calls and text and emails.

its disgusting after 12 yrs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I know the feeling and this is why we dropped the insurance and bought cheap phones on eBay as a backup. It's unacceptable the way they can rip people off by charging Sprint customers over $300 a year and a $200 deductible to replace your phone.

Your better off paying $100 for a replacement on eBay and having it when you need it.

You also don't have the headache of dealing with asurion. Hope this helps and I'm sorry you are dealing with this when you should be able to focus on your child.

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