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This insurance company sends out phone that just do not work. I am going on my 3rd one coming, the headaches, the $100 deductible and the $8 monthly payments are not worth this service at all!

and the worst part is that we really dont have many options except to spend an insane amount of money on a new phone. SPrint blames Asurion for the faulty phones and says i need to speak to them and then when i call them, since i turned in the original phone Asurion sent me to sprint so they reorder me another one, now Asurion claims that second refurbished phone in my possession is not theirs. So apparently Asurion just kept my $100 after sending me a *** phone that Sprint has in their possession. I dont know how this program works for us as the consumer.

Seems like it works out best for them. Sooooo frustrating the world of carriers.....

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They have placed a re-order for my iphone 6 .. They never shipped it .

Daily i will call them .. They say previous order was cancelled for some reason they dont know. They placed a new order today and 2 to 3 business days.

But they never sent device. Im tired of calling them.


Same story as billybob. Galaxy S2 T-Mobile.

Phone got stolen in Europe. Asurion denied my claim since I still had my sim card. Called them twice without results. Just got off the phone with T-mobile: they matched my deductible and sending me a new phone.

It wasn't easy. It took 2 people to get there. They will offer you other, much chipper phones or add one more line. But I insisted on getting what I was paying for and they agreed.

It took one hour, but at least they (T-mobile)speak nice to you, not rude like Asurion. I am happy with T-Mobile and will be getting insurance some other place.

Anatoly K

What I'm about to say should be able to clear all your questions and understand the realities of dealing with Asurion.

Asurion makes money out of the insurance subscription you pay every month. Let me tell you how this is processed. If you pay $8.00 for monthly subscription, a portion of that goes to your carrier, a portion goes to the insurance company (in Bermuda Islands), and a portion goes to Asurion.

1) If you don't file a claim, those 3 entities will keep your money. Essentially, if you don't file a claim, it's good for them.

2) If you file a claim, they send you a refurbished phone. The reason why it breaks is simply because those refurbished phones were returned by someone else who filed a claim. They only fix what was damaged. So naturally, there are aging parts that were still working when they received those returned phones and didn't require fixing at that time. But it will surely break at some point because these are aging parts and all parts have a lifecycle. You won't notice that the phone is old because they polish the outer casing to look very nice. Plus they put them in fancy boxes with PV film protection so you would think that you got a new phone. (although they will not lie about this. They want you to think that you got a brand new phone so you eliminate the effort of asking the question because it looks new). When they ship you a replacement phone, they ask you to return your phone. They refurbish that and place it in the shelf. The next poor guy will get your broken phone.

3) Once they have shipped you with a replacement phone, they will file a claim to the insurance company to receive money for a "brand new phone". This is exactly how they make money!! The insurance company does not check every detail as they ship more than 50,000 phones every single day. Although the insurance company retains the right to audit anything when necessary, the insurance company will not bother checking every single detail and trust Asurion.

4) When you post a claim within 1 year after you have replaced your phone, they will ask you to pay some amount of money...say $100. When you pay, they still send out a refurbished phone to you, and they still get to file a claim to the insurance company insuring the phone. In other words, they get 2 sources of income - the money you pay them and from the insurance company!!

The reason carriers don't do this business model anymore is because of 2 things;

1) if you actually perform this business honestly, you will not make money. You get to retain your phone subscribers but with a price. Carriers do not really think of sending you refurbished phones because that lowers customer satisfaction. In short, carriers lose money by simply retaining their subscribers.

2) Asurion guarantees: a) reduce "churn" by providing a superb "scam" program that helps retain subscribers and maintain a high customer satisfaction; b) the carriers don't have to invest in maintaining the operation. Plus, they get a cut out of the monthly subscription fee.

These are the two reasons as to why Asurion is popular among carriers.

If you would only search the internet, you will find that Asurion lost several lawsuits in the past, and currently under several lawsuits.

My advice to all: 1) Don't insure your phone with Asurion (all carriers deal with Asurion so there's no escape.) 2) Take good care of your phone. 3) Better to buy a new one than insuring. You end up getting less and paying more if you insure your phone. Think of the bigger picture. 4) If you have an iPhone, buy the Apple insurance, you surely get a brand new one!

Hope this helps.


They Are a TOTAL RIP OFF Amazon has a better service. They wont charge you an extra 15 dollars to get a phone because there system wont take a debit card. Never again with them


Had Asurion with Tmobile. Samsung Galaxy was stolen while overseas.

I had taken my tmobile sim out prior to theft. After I returned to the states i put my tmobile sim back in my spare phone.

Asurion denied me claiming they didn't insure the phone, they insured the service. Tmobile did the right thing and matched Asurions deductible for replacement.

They don't make money by paying claims,they make their money denying claims!!!

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