Venice, Florida

When I reactivated my Verizon phone after placing it on suspension for the summer, I found two charges from Asurion, a 3rd party insurance company, on my bill. These charges are unauthorized.

It is part of the cramming scam that Verizon has entered into a class action settlement for, but apparently hasn't stopped the practice. The clerk at the Verizon store on Tamiami Trail in Sarasota, Florida denied knowing anything about this practice and adamantly insisted I must have authorized the charges. Customer service online has removed the charges and blocked my account from such third party frauds. In researching the issue online, there have been a number of news stories, including one from ABC news, revealing these practices.

The FCC has prosecuted the major phone companies, including Verizon, for allowing this practice.

The estimated fraud loss is over $10 billion a year, a part of which the phone companies get as "royalties" for helping the third party billers collect money from unsuspecting customers.

Asurion Cons: Fraudulent charges for insurance.

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