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Back in May 2012 I made a claim on my phone with Asurion. They said ok no problem you will receive your phone the next day but didn't receive it until 3 days later because it was sent to the wrong address. I wasn't happy about it but I let it go. I get my phone in, take it out the box hook it up to fully charge it and noticed the charger didn't go as deep in as the phone I had made the claim on. I mean it plugged in was fitting tight and charging so no big deal.

Well recently around beginning of sept. I had to start moving it around to make it take a charge and it finally has gotten to where It will not take a charge I had to start moving the charger a little for it to take a charge ( reminder this is only roughly 4 month (+/-). So that's strike. A phone that new and it is broke already?? Come on really. Well I call to see what they can do to help me.I tell them my situation and they say no problem we will have one sent to you tomorrow (hhhuuummm yeah right) so I say ok thank you and we hang up. So next day Im sitting at home all day packing and about 4:00 pm I decided to make a call and see whats goin on. So I Asurion and ask them the status of the phone. Ok now this is the second time I've been goin throught this in 4 months so im not happy. Well they wanna tell me "oh it got held back, would u like me to send it for you tomorrow? ( with not a giggle but a full out LAUGH) By this point I have was blowing up and asked to talk to a manager, so she sent me to Jasimine (1265700) if that's the correct number she gave me , but I would put money its not right. These people seem like high school kids I mean I have an down cousin that could handle this job. What are you guys doin at Asurion hiring drop outs, drug users. I just don't see how company as big as Verizion will lets your immature company work with them but they will have this sent right to them.

Well I get to talking to Jasmine and it's the same stuff "we can get it out to you tomorrow". So I asked if she was a manager and …………yep here it comes again LIE#2: SHE WAS NOT A MANAGER. Geeess imagine that, I am now expecting nothing but lies from these people that obviously don't give a _ _ _ _ about you.

I will be checking Verizion to see if there are any other insurances that they can offer.Even though Verizion seems like a good company but making decisions like this, im not to sure how smart they are because I see nothing but negative comments on Asurion and with them making these decisions this could

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance.

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Duh you deserved it then..

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