Nashville, Tennessee
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The latest saga...firing employees for no reason. The Nashville TN.

office started firing employees last Friday, August 26, 2011, with no good reason and continued on this week. Pulling out some of the same documents that went into personnel files before they were hired as the reason for firing them. So far, they have all worked there for more than a year. What is really going on in that company!!!!

Probably lost a big contract and too ashamed to admit it. If they would get some management in there that knows how to run a business, they wouldnt be losers!

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I am curious to personally speak to employees who were later fired for their background checks and/or employees who were not hired due to them. I had this happen in Phoenix, AZ.

Please get in touch with me as soon as possible at robert @ gugisberg .c om with no spaces in it.

In the subject put Asurion. There are important things about this that we should know.


How far back does Asurion's background check go? Do they drug test for at home agents?


Did you have anything on your background and did you get hired? I have something and I am nervous.

@Lee lee

Did you get hired?


I was one of the "fired" ones. After having been VIP employee, perfect attendance, never tardy and superior reviews, I was "let go" because of something on my background check.

They run a seven year check 13 months ago when I was hired and no problem, but now for some reason they're going back 11 years. What the heck????


I was hired yesterday after passing three phone interviews. HR went through all my paperwork and set my training up, my tech up and my work schedule's up..

Then called today to tell me that they made a mistake and hired the WRONG DIANA..

He said that there was another Diana {my last neme} and we were mixed up.. :(

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