Cleveland, Ohio

I made a claim on 4/10/13 for a brand new phone that did not even last 2 weeks before it broke. The company Asurion Insurance told me that they do not have my phone in stock.

They offered me a downgraded phone costing $50 that had a 2 day ship time, or the phone that i payed $200 for ( $200 phone lasted 2 weeks ) with a 3-7 day ship time. Needless to say i chose the phone i bought in the first place and was OK with waiting a couple more days for it. Then 4/24/13 comes along (2 weeks later!). So i call Asurion Insurance to check where my phone is at.

After them telling me that my phone is still on back-order and that it will be shipped as soon as they receive it, i ask the representative if there is any fees or due costs that i have to pay for so that i can receive my phone asap, and he tells me "no sir, we will ship this out as soon as we receive it". Again, i asked if there was ANYTHING i had to pay for and he said NO. So now today ( 4/28/13 [4 more days later, so a total of 18 days since i made my claim]) i call Asurion Insurance to do another check up. This time however they decide to tell me i owe a $99 deductible.....AHHHHHH!!!

So after asking a rep. if i owe any money to receive my phone and him telling me "no you DO NOT owe anything, this will be shipped out as soon as we receive it" i have A DIFFERENT rep. tell me that i DO owe money, $99 in fact. No where do they have any online customers accept a "terms and conditions" page.

and no where when making a claim does it say anything about a deductible, and none of their representatives offered any type of information about a deductible until the very last minute (18 days after the claim was made and now 3 weeks now without a phone). This is one of, if not the worst company I've had to deal with and in my opinion their representatives are not knowledgeable at all and i would not refer this company to ANYONE.If you have insurance through this company, i would switch as soon as possible to save yourself time and stress.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Claim.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Asurion is an INSURANCE company....of course there is a deductible. Why should that even need to be stated?

What insurance do you have that a deductible isn't required? Oh and FYI is the website and states there is a ded!


Everything you said. I've had a similar situation with a new phone.

Absolutely horrible service (except one guy). They are a complete rip off.

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