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In October my son damaged his phone. I used the insurance to replace. With the new phone came a pre-paid envelope to send the damaged phone back with the "easy" instructions of "place your original damaged or malfunctioning phone in the pre-paid envelope and drop it in the nearest mailbox." We did this a day or two after receiving the new phone. I started getting harassing phone calls in November from them wanting the phone. I stated to them that I did send it back already. On November 19, 2011 I received a "final notice" in the mail demanding the phone by the 23rd or I would be charged up to an additional $500. I wrote a letter back to them again telling them that I did return the phone according to the instructions and had told them this in previous phone calls. I also stated that if I were to be held responsible for the phone getting to its destination after just dropping it off in a mailbox, I should have been given a tracking number or instructed to get one myself.

Instead of answering my letter, I now have a $148 dollar balance on my sprint bill for a "non-return" fee. (along with a $7.25 late fee from Sprint because I did not pay this non-return fee before it was even charged!)

I HAVE NO PHONE TO SEND!! Had I told them it was lost or stolen when making the claim, I wouldn't even be having this problem. Should I be held responsible for the USPS or one of Asurion's employees negligence?

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I am dealing with the total lack of responsibility with these *** to, my Sony Xpera Z1 screen was cracked. I am paying an extra $10 a month on my phone bill ( FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS ) to have a replacement phone for a very reduced price and is supposed to be received in 1-2 business days.

I made my claim on Monday 10th 2014. I had an email sent to me from this retarted company stating that UPS had picked up the package and had a "tracking number". 4 days later on the UPS site using the provided tracking number, it showed no activity whatsoever. so I immediately called UPS and asked them what was happening, I was told that the only thing that had been done was a "LABLE" had been created on that day and UPS actually was not even informed there was a package to be picked up, so I called these *** and all I get was "im sorry for the inconvenience we will ship out another one today." so now I will not get my new phone for 8-9 day after making the claim with these douchbags, so I ask, what the *** am I paying for then ?.



Customer service was awful! Made a claim Thursday only to call back Saturday with no phone. For some reason, unexplainable by "customer service" phone rep, the claim was never finished. Instead of giving my call to someone who could help, Diane (phone rep) hung up on me.

Hoping this was just a mistake I called back again, only to have my number dropped to a voice recording saying that I will get my phone in 1-3 business days and "thank you for your service".

Clearly since this is recorded, I'm not the first person to receive this neglect. Very rude, very horrible.

Thanks for your clearly excellent service!


I am so thankful I didn't give up and found this site today while I was going back and forth between Asurion and Sprint. Asurion said Sprint put the charge of $500 on my account.

Sprint says it comes from Asurion. Asurion finally says they did it and there is nothing I can do about it because they don't have the phone. Well, they know where the phone went refuse to check into it but instead wish for me to pay that ginormous bill. Not going to be able to do it.

I threatened Sprint with contacting the Attorney General and they can now help me dispute the claim.

I am still going after Asurion because I do feel like I am being scammed for money. Thank you for posting these wonderful responses!!!


Don't let Asurion bully you into paying their fraudulent fees. If I were you, I would report the matter to Sprint and insist they remove the charge. I would also contact your state Attorney General.


I am having a similar problem, I sent the broken phone back over a month ago and have received a phone call and a FINAL NOTICE about returning the phone. I even dropped the phone off at the post office because I was paranoid that it might get stolen out of my mailbox. Now they want me to call back in 15 days and check back.


that is just another of Asurion's methods of bilking people for more money. Do not give up, that is what they count on.

People end up feeling so defeated and the "fight" becomes so time consuming that the fraudulent fee is paid just to get this headache to go away..again, exactly what Asurion counts on. It is a vile way to increase profit margin but apparently it is one of Asurion's many despicable ways to do so. Document every single phone call and keep any email communications regarding this issue. Also, I highly suggest you contact your state attorney general's office.

After two months of getting nowhere with the unethical folks at Asurion I supplied my state attorney general with a narrative of what had transpired and 5 weeks later Asurion's legal department sent me a check for $600 and an apology letter. Funny how for two months every c.s.

rep I spoke with at Asurion implied that I was committing insurance fraud, while as soon as I contacted the state attorney general's office it was Asurion writing me a check along with an apology letter. Do not give up!!!!!!!


Don't give up the fight. My g/f had the same problem with Asurion.

They said they never received the phone she sent them back following their instructions. They tried to tack a fee onto her bill for an unreturned phone. They called it a "non return fee".

She told Sprint she refused to pay it and after many calls to Sprint customer service she finally got the fee removed. Then when her contract was over she left Sprint.

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