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Asurion insurance is a scam. On 11/12/17 I filed an online claim and received a tracking number with a delivery date for 11/14/17.

The replacement never came and when I looked up the tracking apparently Asurion requested that the phone be returned to sender. Asurion didn't communicate with me why and when I called them last night I was transferred to a "claims adjuster" so they could tell me after a second review of my claim they decided to deny me insurance benefits because I didn't meet the "terms and conditions". I asked for specific details but they refused to give me a reason and referred me back to my cell phone carrier. My cell phone carrier couldn't understand why my claim would be denied so the rep also called Asurion for additional details and Asurion wouldn't disclose any additional details to them either!

The morning of 11/15/17 I posted a complaint on their FB account and was asked to provide my claim ID so they could research it further. Later that evening I finally got a call back from the representative from Asurion that really didn't give me any new information. Apparently they think my claim is a fraudulent claim because the technical issue I'm having with my phone does not follow the "terms and conditions". She told me just because I have insurance doesn't mean I'm guaranteed it will pay out.

The odds are Asurion WON'T pay out. I'm done with Asurion, I've cancelled my insurance. For anyone considering Asurion...DO NOT DO IT BECAUSE THEY WILL SCREW YOU IN THE END. Take a look at all of their complaints, obviously the common denominator here is customers being screwed.

I think they're the ones being fraudulent for trying to find loop holes to get out of paying out claims! Fortunately my cell phone carrier offered to credit my account so I could get a replacement phone because they know I'm a great customer with integrity.

I find it interesting that they deleted my initial post with my complaint...what are you trying to hide Asurion?  They're also marking my comments as spam so people can't read them. Shady company for sure.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Replacement.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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The protection plan doesn’t cover “technical issues” as you stated. It’s for lost, stolen, or damaged phones.

If the phone is malfunctioning and you’re in the first you, you should contact the manufacturer of the phone. If it’s after the first year and having a technical issue, there’s no plan for that through Asurion!

You’re *** outta luck. Read the terms and conditions of your plan before you go bashing a company because you’re uneducated on a plan that you purchased.

to IdiotHater #1570700

Hi asurion read my name

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