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In Feb of 2012, I filed a claim, and was sent 5 "refurbished" phones that were all broken in some way. Asurion finally agreed to just send me a brand new phone, and I was happy. In Dec of 2012, this phone started having problems connecting to 3g, and Asurion told me that my warranty (which was supposed to be for one full year) had expired, and they would not help me. I ended up just filing a claim and paying the deductible, since I needed a working phone, and they offer one day shipping. Almost a month later, and I still do not have a working phone. I have been sent EIGHT "refurbished" phones, ALL have had problems out of the box. One wouldn't turn on, two had cracked camera lenses, two had cracked LCD's, and almost all of them had physical damage (dents, scratches). I don't know who they outsource their refurbishing to, but an untrained monkey could spot these defects before they left the factory. I don't care if the phone was used and refurbished, but it should be in 100% working order and actually look like a new phone. It's clear all they do is reset the phone and wrap a piece of plastic around it.

After the 5th phone, I was extremely pissed, and demanded a new phone (as they had EASILY done earlier this year). They told me that's not their policy anymore, and the only thing they could do was keep sending me the same junk phones. It would seem to me that giving me a new phone at $200 would be cheaper than overnighting eight phones with overnight shipping costing at least 30 bucks each time.

After the seventh phone, I was escalated to a supervisor who told me they could upgrade me to a brand new phone, but I would have to purchase it outright (meaning at least 600 dollars out of my pocket) and they would reimburse me. However, "as is their policy", I would not be reimbursed for 2-3 months. I cannot afford to have 600 dollars tied up for 2-3 months.

After the eighth phone I received today, I called to just cancel the whole thing and get my money back, but was told there is NO WAY to cancel a claim, even though they have FAILED to provide me a working replacement. I pay them $240 a year, plus this $100 deductible, and they can't have the courtesy to just cancel the claim and refund my money.

What an absolute JOKE of a company that's supposed to be there to help you.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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