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When I purchased my smart phone in November of 2011, I purchased replacement insurance. I was NOT told by Verizon that the insurance was with a third party (Asurion), nor that there was a $99 deductible, nor that the replacement phone would be a used, reconditioned phone. In fact, I was specifically told - in order to get me to buy the insurance at $6.99 a month - that if I damaged my phone or lost it, that I would receive a NEW replacement phone.

The unthinkable happened, and my phone was damaged and stopped working properly. I went to Verizon and was told that since it had gotten wet, the one-year warranty with Motorola was voided, but since I had insurance, I could make a claim and get a NEW PHONE. I was then handed an brochure from Asurion Insurance (which I had never seen before) and was told in order to file a claim, I would have to go home and file it from my computer and the Verizon sales representative circled the web site in the brochure.

I drove home, filed the claim and paid the $99 filing fee. I then drove back to Verizon with an old phone that was in a drawer to have my service temporarily transferred so I would have phone service.

The next day, my "NEW" phone arrived from Asurion. It was very obviously worn, older than a year or two and looked as if it were someone's discarded phone. I was shocked. I immediately started trying to contact Asurion - and the run around started...

First of all, it is next to impossible to get a real live person on the phone at Asurion. Their automated phone system is designed to dump you out of it before you get to anyone who can assist you. But, thanks to an online source, I was able to locate a number that would provide me contact with a human being. It took over twenty (20) minutes of hold time, but eventually I was connected with a person. And, the run around continued...

I explained that the phone I had damaged was less than six (6) months old and that the one I received was obviously much, much older than that. I also explained that when I purchased the insurance from Verizon, I was not told that I was purchasing third party insurance and that I had been told I would receive a NEW phone if I had to place a claim. I was then asked by the Asurion representative if I had ever owned the phone they had just sent to me. I answered "no", and the representative retorted, "Well, see, it is a NEW phone for you, isn't it?" This represented then hung up on me and I had to call back...

Upon receiving a human representative again, I asked to speak to a Supervisor. this resulted in another disconnection. I again called back, asked for a Supervisor and was told that I could not speak to a Supervisor - that they just take certain calls. I explained I was most unhappy with the phone I had been sent by Asurion and did not want someone's discarded or damaged phone. I also told the representative that I felt I had been seriously mislead and perhaps I needed to speak to my attorney instead of them. This resulted in an immediate referral to a Supervisor!! But, the run around did not end...

I told my story AGAIN and this time, the Supervisor told me that Asurion could not promise me a new phone, because they had to send me what they had in stock in the warehouse when they received my damaged phone - it was a first in, first out type of stocking - and there might not be any new phones to send to me when my phone was received. She told me that she would be more than happy to note my claim that she was "recommending" a new phone ONLY, but could not guarantee it. I asked her who could guarantee it and she referred me to someone else. And the run around continued...

This person told me that since I was such an unhappy customer, that they were authorized to offer me the opportunity to go out and purchase a new replacement phone and send them the receipt and they would send me a check as reimbursement for my new replacement phone. I told then that it sounded nice, but I wanted it in writing - that I would need an email to that effect, because I felt that Asurion would promise me anything to get me off of the phone and out of their hair. The person on the phone told me they did not have access to an email account, but would transfer me to someone who did. And, the run around continued...

So, I was transferred to Derek Login who stated that he was Customer Satisfaction Representative in the Office of the CEO. Again I explained the situation. He told me he understood and did send me the promised email. Pursuant to his email, I was sent out to purchase a Droid 3 at full cost, mail the receipt to them and they would send me a check in 7 to 10 business days as reimbursement.

Happily I ran out to buy my replacement phone only to discover after checking several Verizon stores that the Droid 3 had been discontinued (which was why Asurion could not promise me a new one to begin with), and was no where to be purchased at any price. The phone had been replaced with the Droid 4.

I raced back home and contacted Asurion again. Derek was busy, but I spoke with Anthony (who would not give me his last name at the time). I told him the situation and he told me that he was authorized to authorize me to purchase a Droid 4 and that Asurion would reimburse me the purchase price plus tax upon receipt of the sales slip. I also requested this authorization in writing and it was provided to me.

The Droid 4 was purchased. The receipt was both emailed (March 25, 2012) and faxed (March 26, 2012) to Asurion. In addition the phone they had sent to me as a replacement and my damaged phone was shipped to them as instructed (March 25, 2012).

On Tuesday, March 27, 2012, Derek telephoned me and told me that he had received the sales slip and had also checked and was aware that the two phones were in transit and should be at Asurion no later than the next day (Wednesday, March 28, 2012), so he had just talked to the Finance Department and had authorized payment of the $588.49 on that day. He told me I should have the check in my hand no later than the next week. I was very delighted.

On Monday, I sent an email to Derek and Anthony informing them that I had not received the check and inquiring when it had been cut, for how much and how it had been sent. I did not receive a reply from either man.

Unfortunately, today it is Thursday, April 12, 2012, and I have yet to see the check or hear from Asurion. Tonight I called Asurion again and inquired where the check was. I spoke with Norman. Norman did not want to provide his last name. Norman put me on hold and said he was telephoning the Finance Department. He returned to the line after some time and told me that the Finance Department was very happy to hear from me because their was a problem with my address. Norman then asked me if I live at such-and-such and I told him I did. He said he would let the Finance Department know that they had my address correct and was sure they would send out the check tomorrow. I asked what the problem was with the address and he stated he did not know. Norman decided to terminate the conversation with me when I told him I was going to take the issue to the State's Insurance Commissioner because I felt I was getting the run around in spade...

I called back and was fortunate enough to get Anthony on the phone. He remembered me!! I told him I did not have the check yet and he told me that his records indicated that the check was mailed yesterday. When he told me that, I told him that Norman had just told me that it had not been mailed. I asked Anthony to confirm the information and he told me I would have to talk to Derek because he could not help me anymore... So, he I sit out the $99 deductible and the $588.49 for a new phone.

I have a ton of emails back and forth, but no check and now they are not talking to me...

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Could you pls let us know whether you ever got reimbursement check from Asurrion?


This sounds exactly like my experience. How terrible!


I had a smart phone on a prepay plan bought the extra insurance with in 6 months the phone was dropped and broke the face. I called asurion they emailed me a ups slip I was told that I would be reimbursed for the phone with in 7 to 10 business day a egift card and of course it hasn't happened yet but I had to buy a new phone again prepay this time I did not waste my money on the protection plan I bought a otter box instead.

That company is a joke and a ripoff I still have my paper work I am gonna call them and see what happens and date them to hang up on me that the next call will be from a lawyer.

Anyway how long could it possibly take to email me a gift card like 3 seconds. :(


Asurion has told me the same thing.

Im so glad I read your post today because I was going to go buy a phone tomorrow.. Thank you!

So did you ever get the check?

Has anyone called you since? Or did they just *** you over??

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