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I stumbled across this website today as I was doing research on the company I am employed by, yes thats right, I work for Asurion and have for sometime.

Not that there aren't things I wouldn't change about Asurion, and some of the regulations that are placed upon its CSR's, but for the most part we all try to do our best to provide the best possible customer care for the subscripers to our clients.

Again, that's right, I work for Asurion, not AT&T or Sprint/Nextel or anyone else, Asurion, and so the information that we provide to you is from decisions that were not made by our directors but rather the director's of the companies whose clients we assist.

I'm not sure if there are many more places where you can get a replacement phone for a $50-125 deductible, when YOU are the one who left it on the roof of the car and drove off, YOU are the one who went into the bathroom with your phone and dropped it into the toilet, YOU are the one who decided to play tag with your dog and your phone's screen got busted in the meantime. That's what you pay the insurance for.

Yes, we do sometimes send out remanufactored phones, but please don't let the stores lie to you some of the phones they are selling to you for hundreds of dollars may not be in any better shape, they know they've had complaints about that phone from other customer's but they are STILL going to sell it to you, and you know what? YOU are going to buy it!

Please take these words into consideration the next time YOU do something to your phone (whether you want to admit it or not) and call into Asurion screaming at the man or woman who just happens to have gone into Auto-In at that point.

All I'm trying to do is make a living just like everyone else!

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I had to us Asurion Insrance last year saddly, my complaint is after having to call them twice they dropped me and told me that I can no longer can be coverd by them.. So I find it BS that they can do that... :(


I can understand the policies of Asurion, they are only out to make a profit. My issue is simply that their employees lie and the management does not take responsibility.

When I called to have my phone replaced, I was told I would have to pay a non-refundable fee of $100 to replace my phone. Because I have had problems in the past with refurbished phones I asked the woman I was speaking to specifically if the phone I would receive would be a refurbished phone and I was told it would not be refurbished and that it would be working. Instead I received a phone that was refurbished with bad sound quality and the battery only lasted long enough to make a 10 min. call.

Upon calling Asurion back with this problem I was told that they could not do anything about my phone and that they were not responsible for one of their employees telling me false information.

They said they would see to reprimanding that employee however there is nothing they can do for me and the broken phone they sent me. That is just not a good business practice to not uphold what your employees say or do.


Remember you are an insurance company and it was your own decision to get into that business. Consumers pay you a monthly premium to take a risk that they don't want to take.

You are supposed to take a risk that you will collect more in premiums than you will pay out in settlements. Unfortunately, most insurance companies don't want to take that risk and want to make a profit on each claim.

You want a risk free investment... Invest in insurance companies, you can't lose...


Insurance has only one goal..to make money..this is just a cheap way of companies saving money by hiring third party insurance. I couldn't work for asurion without a guilty conscience.

If you can work for it blindly, you can reason that into a paycheck. The same way we reason software theft.


the *** word was merely "socks" with a u. Didn't know it would do that.


I think people are saying they have paid maybe $5 per month for however many months, sometimes over a year, so over $50 in insurance... then a deductible (in which was agreed to) for $50 or more and then end up with apiece of *** phone. And it seems to often be taken as "well the phones may not be perfect and you've got your replacement so there's nothing that can be done" when people weren't expecting to get something that doesn't work properly. There is a difference between refurbished and "doesn't work/won't make calls/drops calls/doesn't send texts/bad screen" etc.

there is a point when some people need to realize they should just drop the insurance bc money-wise they are no longer saving. Often times customers get mad at representatives bc of decisions made by companies.... and I know it sucks, but after calls and calls or attitudes from CSRs or CSRs who don't actually listen to a situation (even for customers who are nice on call 1, call 2, whatever) who else is the customer going to complain to? Companies don't care enough about their employees OR customers. If they did, phone calls wouldn't get so heated so often. I feel bad for CSRs but I also feel bad for customers. I think more CSRs need to listen to situations and need to think about the stress of some customers being passed along from person to person, being told different things (it's true), sending in paperwork that "gets lost," and paying a monthly fee plus deductible for something that doesn't even perform properly? give me a break!

I could never be a CSR, but it also sucks being a customer... but I'll never stop being one of those... ha.

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