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I have purchased cell phones through Verizon Wireless and have purchased the Asurion insurance on several of my phones. I purchased a new Iphone 4 in February.

I ended up getting the phone into the washing machine. I have insurance this will be great! Wrong. I filed a claim and I had to pay $199.00 for the replacement phone.

(I paid $299)originally. The phone arrives, but it is defective. The lower right hand corner of the screen has a darkened area. I show it to the verizon store as I was told to do by Asurion.

I also let them know there was no packaging material around the iphone box. Just the Iphone box moving all around in there. They agreed to send me another phone. I got the next phone, a refurbished one.

Seems to be fine. I get a letter in April stating that I have used up my 2 claims in a 1 year period. I called them 05/11 and left a message with assurance I would be called back. Never called back.

I called again 06/07 and spoke to "Susan". She stated the insurance plan follows the phone number and not the phone. I had my blackberry which I previously owned replaced last May of 2010. I argued, but they are different phones, I had a $199.00 deductible to pay to get my iphone replacement.

REfused to do anything for me but to reiterate that the policy follows the phone number and not the phone itself. This is ***. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Have many other people been screwed by Asurion?

Just curious.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance.

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Same here. It took 3 replacement phones to get one that worked correctly.

Then that screen cracked just holding it and they charged $89 to fix it. TWO DAYS later it cracked again. Called and was told there was nothing they could do because the $89 screen replacement was our 2nd claim. Seriously, it was 2 days later not 2 years!

Plus, we were never told this was a claim or that they were cancelling insurance. I certainly could have had the screen fixed elsewhere for less than $89 and still had our insurance. I am so ticked off! Supervisor said they can go back and listen to the call but they can not let us know the result or re-instate our insurance.

I was told several times, there is nothing that can be done it's your 2nd claim. Some customer service...not!!!


I first made the claim online but it was going to send me the wrong phone that was damaged. I then called Asurion on Jan.

14 to make the claim. They said it would be 2 business days. On January 24 still NO phone so I called them back. They said they could tell that my phone was still in use and canceled the claim.

I put my card in my sons Iphone so I would have a phone to use. I sell real estate and cant go without it. Told them my story, filled out all the paperwork AGAIN. Today Jan.

31, still NO phone. Called back she knew nothing of claim. Said it would cost me $199.00 for phone. I told her I had insurance.

She said yes this is what the deductible was. SCAM


asurion insurance is a scam... they should be locked up the bastards-just more corruption yes sir!!!


Been having problems with my iphone 4 for a few months. Tried to file a claim in september, but was told that since the problem was not caused by me actually damaging the phone but by overuse it was not covered.

Then I dropped the phone and tried to replace it... still got the same "Asurion only covers phones that are lost,stolen, or damaged" (not sure how my damaged phone didn't fall into one of these categories. Today I dropped my phone in water and tried to file a claim and was told that I would have to pay a 169$ deductible. This is on top of the ten dollars I have paid every month for two years now.

So the total price of my refurbished iphone will add up to over 400$ when verizon is currently offering the same model for free with a new 2 year contract. I called Asurion to express my discontent and ask them to remove me from their insurance plan and they told me they could not do that and suggested I call verizon. Then when I called verizon they refused to let me do anything on my account because I was not listed as the main account holder.

The person who was listed had removed himself from my account over a year ago. Overall complete fury with the verizon-asurion scam.


Assurion is a highway robbery. I am extremely disappointed with this fake insurance!


You all speak of the same things Asurion does to all their customers ( victims.) Yet they remain corporate giants raking in absurd amounts of money each and every year. Lawsuits have been filed and won... and still the same routine continues and people get stuck with replacement handsets that are nothing more than useless scrap "refurbished" with some parts from china and some pieces of other worthless scrap that may work well enough to satisfy Asurions tech department but don't function properly or break a couple months later. They won't change and guess what?? ITS THE CONSUMERS FAULT!!

Why? Because this company has been shady for the duration of their existence!! And yet.. millions of wireless customers choose to pay for their service anyway! Here's a shocking revelation.. WITHOUT CUSTOMERS A BUSINESS CAN'T SUCCEED!!! If people would say no to the insurance option and simply replace lost or damaged phones with craigslist ebay or small businesses that sell and repair phones companies like ASSurion would be obsolete! Look up their history... class action suits date back YEARS! And have they changed a thing? NO! Everyone who has been screwed by these jerks has a duty to help get the message out and until people STOP PAyING for this *** and fraudulant service it will continue and corporate suits will keep lining their pockets with money from working class people who use their service to avoid paying full price for a replacement. Phones are for sale everywhere... the celluar age has long evolved... now the consumers need to get their heads outta their butts and evolve TOO!

SAY NO TO HANDSET PROTECTION and tell everyone you know to do the same!

By the way... I am posting this on the Samsung Stratosphere I purchased for 100 bucks from a mom and pop shop with excellent customer service to replace the pos refurb I got from Asurion 3 months ago. So I too have been bitten by the corporate greed and given a piece of junk that I paid way too much for. They will never see a dime from me again. Resolve to do the same!


Months after I thought my claim was finished, I received a phone call saying they never received the phone, which I mailed in using there envelope. Conveniently, they used the postal service which had no tracking info.

That was a month ago.

Today, they charged my debit card 300 dollars without warning. I'm filing fraudulent charge through my bank, but they set it up so I have no way of proving I sent my old phone in.


I think this company is a legal corporate fraud. I have been paying 8$ a month per phone (I have two) for the last 3 years.

I have had two phones break at once. At the process of the second phone I am getting the run-around with forms I have to fill out for them to make sure I am who I say I am. Once I look online for the order it tells me that my product is out of stock. The company's customer service can not pass me on to a supervisor or find an alternative to my problem so that I may get my phone quicker.

In broken phones I have had to replace in the past due to phone issues that should be covered on a insurance and all the monthly payments I've made, I could have saved myself about $1000 by now. Not to mention the local dealers that fix phones can fix my phone problem for $50.00. I have learned with this experience. Cancel your cell phone insurance policy and support small businesses that can fix phones.

Their prices are so much more reasonable without a monthly fee that you have to pay "no matter what" and that obviously doesn't work as efficiently as you may assume. It's sad that the only company these large cell phone providers can rely on is this insurance company but we have the option to stop using them.

They may think that we are one meaningless client but if we work together we can accomplish more than that. :)


asurion tell their agents that they are only allowed to reship so many devices. 34% was the reship rate they want.

many agents have been fired for going over on their reship rate. i feel that if asurion got a better tech dept maybe they would send out better devices and then maybe people wouldnt have to call to have a device replaced three or four times before getting on that works correctly. asurion is a rip off and they should be shut down. i wish i knew how.

sorry for all the bad device you have gotten but its not the agents fault, they can only do what they are allowed to do. if they do the right thing they can and will be fired.


Asurion IS a RIPOFF! Its a SCAM and and example of Corporation robbery!

I bought an HTC EVO yeeeears ago and have paid insurance ever since. I call to tell them my phone has been damaged and they demand $100 deductible, on top of sending back the old phone. First, if the phone was stolen or lost the deductible would be the same as if I sent them a damaged phone to fix and make more of a profit from. I tell them forget it I refuse to pay the $100 fee and Ill just keep the old one and use it as is.

They actually have the NERVE to say because I filed a claim I MUST send them my phone or I will be charged $275.00 because my phone now belongs to them regardless if I dont pay to get a replacement. Why cant I keep my broken phone?

The one I paid About $400 for? This is an SAD AND PATHETIC OUTRAGE - CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!


This company is awful. With their political connections they "assuredly" will be protected from any class action suits.

Take your opinion and experiences with this "company" viral on facebook and twitter. Do not let any of your friends pay this company a dime.


Yes, it is a fraud. My damaged phone was an HTC 7S. This is the phone I insured; this is the phone I wanted as a replacement. What I got was a different HTC phone, one that ATT offers for $.01. I tried to file two complaints and instead of responding, Assurion unilaterally closed the claim.

With the high deductible and monthly fees, its cheaper to buy your own replacement. It will be the phone you want and not some refurbished substitute.

These people belong in jail.


Your Guildlines are a Fraud !! How can you charge consumers twice the value of the phone and the additional $199 fee? Thats between 7 and 800 dollars on average!!!


fukk yea


I've had 3 replaced Droid 2 phones in the past 30 days. Everyone of them arrives with different problems and none of them work.

They're all broken with some feature or another. I don't care about the money! I care about having a phone that works. Instead, Assurian gets a broken phone and immediately sends it out.

It's a lemon.

And they should be sued! CLASS ACTION TIME!


I just tried to file claim with these crooks in regards to my wies phone which is not a smart phone and have never even had any data pkg or anything however when i talked to Verizon to get their number they told me my claim was only gonna be 45 but when i went online i ended up with a hundred dollar deductible so I have been paying 5 a month for this insurance only to try and use it to find out that I have to pay more in an insurance deductible than I would pay to just buy the same phone online brand new for 69.99 . I sense a fraud here somewhere. THey spoke of a rate hike mysteriously that happened last month. How convenient. Verizon had never heard of such a rate increase and supposedly any customer of "***" Ur in received a letter indicating a hike. Ya right. Just another *** insurance company victimizing Americans. Someone has to do something about all these fly by night companies that prey on the general public.

I have been paying this *** for 3 years and have never filed one claim and they screw me like that. I have already spoken to a Lawyer and there may be a Class Action Lawsuit heading their way real soon. I am doing my best to make it happen with the help of a close family friend who also happens to be an attorney that specializes in going after *** companies like this. Someone in our Gov. needs to start taking notice of the highway robbery that takes place in the cellular phone world. If its not the providers screwing ya with *** service and BS rate hikes its some other faction of the biz.

I will post any info regarding this right here when know more.

Power to the people!!!


You originally paid $199 for your iPhone 4 because you also agreed to a 2-year extension with your carrier. The iPhone 4 16GB retail value is $649.00 and 32GB is $$749.00. If you didn't have the Asurion insurance you would have to pay full retail value instead of your $199.00 deductible.


That is correct. Your policy states that you can have two claims in a 12 month period on the line of service. Just because you got a new phone does not reset the policy guidelines

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