Englewood, Colorado

My husband broke his phone July 31st of this year. Ok his bad, luckily we pay for insurance(unluckily) So they sent charged us the 99$ for a NEW phone.

We got the phone the next day, BROKEN!!! I called and got a "new" phone. I sent back both the broken phones and they want to tell me that I didn't send one back and charge me 355$!!! I don't have their broken *** phone.

The second replacement they sent us broke in 2 weeks. Went to Verizon for a new one this time. How dare they tell me I didn't send back their SHI**Y *** phones. I canceled the card and hopefully the money doesn't come out of our account.

I no longer have them for insurance on my phone because I would rather pay FULL PRICE for a new phone than to work with them ever again!! EXTREMELY PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $454.

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Asurion are rop rated crooks when it time to colllect their money they make sure they get theirs but when iis time to collect on what youve been paying for they throw the book at you with policies that are designed only to look out for their own interests


Did you get insurance on the phone(s) you sent back? Did you get a return receipt request put on the package?

If you didn't that's on you. Asurion is not responsible if your package gets lost or stolen...that's between you and USPS/UPS/Fed-Ex....

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