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I sent my niece (who is also my caregiver, I am disabled) to T-mobile to upgrade her phone. She ended up getting the Mytouch 4G.

When I saw the phone I said thats a really nice phone, did you insure it? She said she hadn't. So I called right away and put insurance on it. Well the same day she went christmas shopping & someone stole the phone from her at the mall.

We called T-mobile and they suspended the line. They also told us to get a police report then call Asurion, so we did. An Asurion rep took the information then told us to check status at 7 that we had a $130 ded. & they will ship us the phone we couldn't get it at the original store.

I checked online a couple of days later, it was denied. I called them they said it wasnot insured at the time it was stolen, that Tmobile must not have insured it . I called tmobile they said the phone was insured at 7:47 & we called to have the line suspended at 9:50, so I told Asurion that,so then they said it was broken. They said on 12-5 we called it in as broke, but we didn't it was an Internet prob not phone.T-mobile agreed with us.

I said check the phone bill there were calls on it from 12-5 to 12-9 when it was stolen. They said they would get back to me after they re-investigate. Now they call and tell me that because she didn't make any calls that morning that the phone must have been broke so they will not honor the warranty. This is nothing but a scam.

These people changed their reason for not honoring it over & over & over again. Now my caregiver ahs been without a phone for over a week. I find it very disgusting & wrong for these people to scam people like this.

If there is anyway you can help me with this matter. Please contact me

Monetary Loss: $449.

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They are a horrible company


First of all assurion are crooks flat out i have dealt with them on 4 different occaisions each one was a battle. The latest was a phone bought new a lg optimus g pro for at&t .

I had it 3 days i then dropped and broke the phone . Now use your heads dealing with these jerks like i did . They made the mistake of billing us the 200 dollar deductable before they got us the correct phone . When you bill somebody for payment and services have not been.rendered or item recieved it is fraud .

If you pay insurance the must replace.your phone with a comperable model or a new one if your is no longer available. They cannot stall doing this stay on.there *** over it , also stay on your carrier to help they bill you on.thier letterhead for assurion . After a 2 week fight over my phone at&t stepped up and replaced it and discounted me the 200 deductable back to me .

Another thing record your calls to these jerks i did and it got them to produce to bad phone i had was just out and was on.backorder but i talked to the ceo 3.times alway record your calls they love to here themselves lying . Good luck.


Fist of all, I don't think anyone expects to get a phone for free. They expect to pay a deductible and get the SAME phone they had in good WORKING condition!

Which is not what happens when you file a claim. I recently broke the screen on my HTC Merge and was offered a choice of two Motorlas from 2010,seems Asurion doesn't have stock on my phone. Why would I want a refurbished 2010 model for $100.00?? I had the screen replaced for $110.00 while I waited and I still have my new phone.

The insurance $8.00 a month $96.00 a year?? not really worth it unless you loose it and just need something *** to get you by until your contract is up or you can afford to buy a new one.

I am going to look on Ebay to buy a back up in case I loose my phone and cancel the so called insurance! LOL Do the MATH


i hate asurion i made a claim with tmobile for a mytouch 4g and 3 months later i get a charge on my bill from asurion for 250 dollars tmobile says asurion never received the mytouch 4g or a blackberry curve. i never made a claim for a blackberry curve so they charged me for two phones that they claimed they never received when i never made a claim for one of them. can a company be anymore of a scam.


" And you Seriously " are a certified frigging *** !!! SERIOUSLY !!!


You people need to read the terms of what you all are signing up for. Everyone expects to get a phone for free just because you pay a 6-8 dollar premium!?

Give me a break!? I have Asurion n they are great!

I rather pay $100-$130 deductible then having to pay $400-$500 at the store. Lol

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