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i ordered a phone through asurion and it did not work they never switched my esn number so i went to the metro pcs store and they gave me a phone through their inventory.

after they gave me a new phone asurion puts the esn number in making the phone metro gave me not work so i go to the store 4 times in two days to get it fixxed now it is the third day and fifth time that it has happened and no one will do anything for me at asurion

i spoke with the suporvisor at asurion and he is no help either and they want to blame all of there mess ups on metro pcs i will never use asurio again

Monetary Loss: $300.

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:cry :eek :sigh :p 8) :zzz :upset ;) ;) ;) ;) :) :) :) :) ;) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x :( :( :(


i was reading kristens comment up at the top and he/she said that you may get a diffrent phone if you give back a broken env but what phone would you get if you did order a new one cuz the lady i talked to said i was getting a toatllly diffrent phone


they send you out a cheap phone not even a lg battery but yet it is carring the Verizon. Shame on you Verizon for letting them bring down your name. Assuran Ins is a scam


I worked for Asurion for a couple of months and what I can say is that when you sign up for insurance read your bookelt it states that the phone will not be brand new all the time. People never listen to what you tell them over the phone.

If the phone does not work then call back immediately dont site around for a week or two then try to send it back to us because guess what thats not covered. I see how it seems unfair to get a refurbished phone but guess what your wireless provider does not give asurion enough brand new phones to give out.

If we have them in stock then we send them out. If you buy an overly popular phone(Envy, Chocolate) first of those are bad phones anyways but those phones are overly populated which means Asurion does not have enough left to send brand new ones out plus phones go out of date which means the maufactuer starts making the new model so there for the old model is discontinued.


Maybe i am just lucky or i treat people the way i want to be treated,the first time i lost my phone(htc touch)asurion sent me a brand new manuf. phone with all the goodies,the second time my phone got stolen they sent me another brand new phone,the third time i lost my phone(samsung instinct)and yes they did send me a refurb,that was not working correctly,i called them 4 days after i recieved the refurb told them it was no t working,they are sending me another phone no questions asked!!they didn't tell me i needed to send back the misbehaving phone back b4 they could send me another one,all they said was make sure you send back the bad phone in the return bag,so i will not to charged for it on my sprint bill,i have always had a good experience with asurion,maybe it's because where i live(baltimore)or i know how to talk to people.


In regards to the MPCS esn issue. ESN indexing and releasing is done by the wireless carrier.

Asurion is a third party company that replaces the hardware. ESN numbers are stored in the MPCS esn inventory, something that Asurion neither has the authority or ability to access. Claims initiated through Asurion go through MPCS first and they blacklist the esn, MPCS, not Asurion. That is why Asurion cannot do anything about the esn release, the ball falls on MPCS court on that one.

It is their service, their esn inventory, they have to add it themselves, another company can't break into their computer and do it for them just because they won't do it themselves and are too brainless to do it. As for the rest, well, most of the things people complain about are listed in the terms they don't bother to read.


i got a replacement phone from asurion and it did not work more than a month. Obviously it is a refurbished phone.

I called them back and they said it is considered as physical damage and i have to pay $50 again to get another replacement. i argued with them saying that it is not my fault that the phone is not working, it is their fault because they sent a phone whose life is


You know it's amazing how *** consumers really are these days. If you would just take time to listen to the information regarding your replacement phone and policies to follow in the event that your replacement phone does not work properly.....AND PERHAPS ASK QUESTIONS.....it would really help your situation.

I talk to people like you all day long and you never listen to anything the reps say and than you want to complain about it later. It's amazing that if you get a replacement phone that you don't contact the place that you recieved the replacement phone from. It's called COMMON SENSE.....let me put it into easier terms for you....if I buy a BMW......i'm not going to take it to the Honda dealership and try to return it.

If you hung up on the automated system that provides you with very relevent information after the completion of your claim and you deserve what you got. Insurance is a legal contract so many you should follow up on the terms and conditions of your insurance and be a more informed customer.

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