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I have been a loyal costumer at Att since 2009. At&t is an outstanding phone service provider company but sometime they make bad decision, and one of them involves relying on Asurion phone company to provide consumers reliable and honest phone insurance.

3 weeks ago I lost my blackberry torch, I called my insurer to replace it, they said according to the contract bla bla bla it will be a 200$ fee to replace the phone. Every Time I purchase a phone , every salesman recommends me to purchase phone warranty but at the end of the road is not really what they promise, they advertise 50$ replacement of lost phones and free cost if the device is defected. At the moment of true, you will be shocked what you see. That's not all, So my new (refurbished) phone arrived at home, I opened it and guess what?

It was an use phone, the closing lid did not properly shut the back of the battery protector. Not to mention as I was installing new apps the phone began to bug and freeze. I called them to report this issue literally 10 minutes after opening the new box. They told me they would send me a new phone.

I waited 2 weeks and called them wondering where did my new phone ended? They then explained to me I needed to mail them the phone before having them send me the new one. 2 weeks AFTER!! After asking for a full refund they insisted on shipping me a new phone at a FedEx ship facility ( NOT AT MY HOME) guess I could no longer be trusted anymore for them to ship this phone to my household.

After they shipped my new phone I tracked my order and while waiting i decided to end my phone insurance policy tru my ATT " Manage Features" you will not believe what they did next. They decided to have the new phone ship back to them. So now I am stuck home with a malfunctioning cellphone that I had to pay for. Asurion thank you so much for such great customer service, Thank you so much for taking 5.99$ every month out of my bank account for the past 11 years and when the Day I call for help you decide to .i.

me hard.

I'll make sure this review is spread every website Possible so everyone can see what kind of company you are. sincerely pissed costumer

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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