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Asurion insurance for cell phones is hands down the worst customer service i've ever encountered in my life.

First of all, they advertise things that are simply untrue. If you lose your phone, or if it's stolen, they will tell you that you can get it the next day, knowing full well that isn't going to happen. The consumer doesn't know that, and in my case I gladly paid the $130 deductible ($130 + the monthly fees add up to be more than my phone to begin with, which is my fault for getting sucked into in the first place) but after giving them my money and waiting a day I knew something was up. I couldn't even get a UPS tracking number out of them, the website simply says "Tracking information is unavaible, try again later" and the phonelines give you the typical "wait X amount of time and try calling us back." After some time of trying to pry information out of people, I finally find out that my phone is on backorder. I'm offered the upgrade to a newer model, which I thought was great, so I wait another day. I still can't get a UPS tracking number after 3 days and everything this company does is designed to keep the customer completely in the dark. The website is dead end after dead end and the customer service on the phone simply doesn't give a *** about helping you and either transfer you to other people who feed you more lines, or they just say to call back. After 5 days, 4 days after I was promised to have a phone, I finally get someone on the phone who transfers me to someone who isn't a robotic ***, he actually takes time to look my info up and he tells me that my upgraded phone was also unavailable and was on backorder as well. So I ended up paying $130 and waiting almost an entire week for absolutely nothing. If i had known it would have been this frustrating I would have bit the bullet, canceled asurion insurance, and bought a new phone myself.

This company is shady in every aspect of their business. It's purposely designed to keep a barrier in front of the customer, keeping them out of the loop and unaware of what's going on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance.

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i didnt know that when you have to have a phone replaced they send you a used refubished phone. they charge you every month then charge you another 100.00 for the used phone.

i had to send 2 back that didnt work properly.

had i known they were used phones i wouldnt get this again ill just find one on ebay or whereever for 50.00 or less. total ripoff !!!!

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