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I accidentally put my iPhone 4 in the washing machine and needed to get a replacement. After arguing with the customer service rep for almost a week (they kept saying the ID I scanned in was too dark and they couldn't see it). I finally received my new phone! I mailed out my broken phone (as per their instructions) the same day I received the new phone.

Three weeks later I started receiving threatening phone calls saying they never received my broken phone and I was going to get charged $300. I called multiple times telling them I did indeed send back my phone! Customer service rep didn't care and my credit card was charged $300. I'm currently fighting these charges since I sent the phone back exactly according to their instructions in the little white envelop they provide.

Definitely not worth purchasing this insurance, as I paid $170 for the replacement, plus another $300 for the broken phone. I could have gotten a brand new iPhone 4 instead of paying them for a refurbished one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Replacement.

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Same exact thing is happening to me. And now I am having to spend part of my work day dealing with Asurion.

The sales rep wouldn't even take my call and put me on hold again. Unbelievable.


I am also having the same problem, assurion states that they did not receive my phone. I send it and at this time I do not recall what ups place I send it from as I was passing by the place and just stopped and dropped it off.

I am being charged $409.00 for a simple lg 5 phone.

Scammmmmers, I am so frustrated with this issue.


good think I just kept both phones


I'm going through the same right now I can't believe I sent back there refurbished phone had too pay 200 for a deductible and now they ate claiming the package was not tracked and are charging me 700 for a phone I sent back SCAMMMMMMMMMErs I HATE ASSURION


I just got the same message. I'm in panic mode!


So I received my replacement phone from Asurion but I received a Defective phone. Sprint said to call Asurion and they will send me a new one for free.

But I accidentally broke the Defective phone.. Would Asurion still give me an exchange?


Im a Sprint Customer and since April I had no insurance in oder to lower the bill. This people mistaken my husbands name and charged us with over $700 .

We spend three months fighting the charges till I finally got them to credit my bill. It was a true nightmare.


same thing just happened to me. I went to the post office and gave the post man my broken phone in the box they provided with the label they provide.

the Post man scanned the box in, i watched him, he gave me the receipt, i lost the receipt but found the tracking label # that saurian provided.

Went to tack the package and nothing came up. This is 100% a scam, i wish i could find the post office receipt :(




Im going thru this also I had sent back the phone a little late but I sent it just like there instructions said and I kept the tracking number!!! US Postal Service says it was delivered !!

And they are charged me 545 plus tax so it comes out to 600$$$$ And they said they didn't receive it or the serial numbers dont match like i have a spare Galaxy S4 lying around smh I am disgusted I need my phone to be on! !


Just go to your bank and say they falsely charged your card if you truly sent it in. I'm gonna go ahead and say that it's very unlikely that you have sent your phone in.

I've gone through their insurance claims several times and have never had a problem.


This is happening to me right now. I actually had to have asurion send me THREE phones because they were all pieces of ***.

However, they say they never rec'd my damaged phone. That is BS I sent it back according to their instructions and in the envelope they provided. My damaged phone had a shattered screen... WTH, now I have a $376 charge on my sprint account.

Sprint says they will look into it, but I am so stressed. I don't want to pay it when I know I mailed it but I don't want it to damage my credit either.


Why not playing the same game?

Call them and tell y0u have a lost or stolen phone and the just say you never got the phone they shut send you?

I am sorry for my grammatica . English ain't my first llanguag. ...


Once they charged u the $300 do they charge you anything else after that?


Its not a fruad or scam....stuff gets lost in the mail or even worse...the post office will steal the broken phones to sell themselves. You should always get a tracking number....you would do that if you were sending an expensive gift to a family member....why wouldn't you do it for an expensive phone? Smh.


I am going to agree with them that it is a scam. last year when I had to file a claim with them after dealing with a previous claim that they claimed they never recieved, when I went to the post office I added a tracking number that would have to be scanned and I would get confirmation it was delivered to them.

not even two weeks later I recieved a call telling me that they never recieved the phone. when i told them that I put the tracking number on it and that it showed it delivered to them about a week prior.

the sales reps got real quiet and told me that it must be lost in their warehouse and i was still liable for it, total ***. I called back a few days later and the rep that i talked with them told me that it was recieved on whatever date I had told the lady who called and was unsure why I had recieved a call.


Wow. I'm going through the same thing.

I called them twice and each time I called they said not to worry and would see if the device was in use. And guess what!

They took $305 from my account. Is there really no way that I could get my money back??


I had the same trouble and was very distraught by all of these comments, but when I called the CSR said that the warehouse had not processed it yet but they would waive the fee. It was actually super easy but I just hope it works. She said I would not hear from them again and not be charged but I will definitely update this post if I am!


This is happening to my daughter right now. I personally sent this phone through the post office according to instructions.

There is no way this many people's phones could have got lost in the mail. It sounds like Asurion needs to be checked into for scamming people.

They obviously know that noone is going to think about tracking it, with it being in a prepaid envelope. If they continue this way they won't be in business long.


How much did it cost at the post office to send the broken phone back? I need to send mine

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