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Update by user Dec 17, 2011

While it took days to actually get the claim accepted and processed, once Asurion agreed that they had the correct information, they sent my new phone within 24 hours.

So - technically their advertised claim of \'replacement within 24-hours\' is true... as long as you don\'t count the week of haggling, faxing, re-faxing, and other \'mis-communications.\'

Original review posted by user Nov 16, 2011

After shattering my new iphone, I thought, "hey - isn't it great that I paid that extra money for insurance?" Wrong! Verizon's mobile devices are covered by Asurion - a company that seems to be doing it's best to not honor my claim. First, I had to fax them my claim form - they can email forms to me, but cannot recieve email or scans or uploads (yes - they cover actual technology, but do not use it themselves). The, on the claim form, where they asked for the IMEI number, which I gave them, what they really wanted was the MEID number. Of course, I couldn't just give them that over the phone. I was told that I could upload the documents this time. They sent me a link, I happily scanned my documents and tried to upload them. Nope - too big. Ok, so I reduced the file size - but now the link doesn't work. And the 'live help' option has gone away. And the live person I had on the phone doesn't exist anymore. So, I have to go off and fax the documents again.

At this point, the phone cost $199 (thank you upgrades). The deductable would have been $179. I have paid the deductable, plus $6 in faxing fees (the first fax was "unreadable") and have used at least three hours of my time trying to deal with them, driving to the fax center, etc. My 'such-a-deal-of-an-upgrade' phone has now cost $504 - and I still have a shattered screen.

So glad I didn't just spring for a droid. Not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Claim.

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THE deductible for the iphone IS IN FACT 179, im on my third one and although they are not the easiest company to work with they have saved me. They tried to say i didnt send my damaged phone back when in fact i DID.

Sent me the wrong color iphone but after two months are sending me a white one. The people i spoke with today have been the best.


Yep, I'm getting the runaround from them too. Filed a claim and was actually able to upload PDF's of the affidavit and photocopy of my ID.

They email me and say "FAXing sometimes darkens the image, please retry"...

really? really?


so i have had insurance for years now and i have never had a problem. every time i wanted to file a claim i went right online and did it its easy as pie and always got my new phone the next day so it should't be that conplicated for the rest of you.


Just try to contact asurion. Go ahead, try....

Their contact link on their website tells you to to call the 800 number. The 800 number says to use the website.... need I say more. Sure?

After paying for 16 months insurance and adding the the deductible, I can purchase a newer faster smarter phone for less. Newsweek reports they make 3 billion a year in profit. Newsweek also reports they successfully help 1 in four customers. Oh, yeah.

They denied my claim because the damage is not physical. The drop only made the phone not work, and I guess a phone that doesn't work because of of drop must not be damaged.


I don't get this site. I have lived in several states and am hard on phones...

Asurion has been a life saver. Why are you people just not going to and taking five minutes to fill out the form? $179 deductible? ***!

I paid $99 for the deductible on the droid bionic who's screen I shattered this morning... tracking #1Z1YY3750316148593 if you think I'm full of it...

Asurion is easy and has always been reliable from when I was with t-mobile in nyc to verizon in atl. 5 minutes, all online, phone on way overnight!


Dear Confused....Asurion used to be easy to deal with. Go online fill out form and "BAM", phone at your door step the next day.

Now you are required to fill out an affidavit, copy your gov. issued ID and either upload (which never works) or fax both documents in. There is supposed to be a 24 hour turn around...which is not the case.

While I am too pissed that is such a hassle to do this...I think this comes from so much fraud. But what else can you do?

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