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Asurion is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I am switching wireless providers for the sole reason of never having to deal with Asurion again.

Horrible customer service, completely incompetent employees.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Apparently it is IMPOSSIBLE to stop a claim! It took me 15 mins to get an actual human being on the phone after I realized that I am paying $100 for a Verizon Dare!

Do you know how old a dare is??? I am planning to get a new phone in 2 weeks when my line is up, but I always like to have a back up...but seriously $100 for a DARE? Anyways...As always Verizon and they have some kind of communication problem because they say I am not an authorized user on this acct. This happens EVERYTIME I have to call Asurion!

I asked if she could at least put a hold on the claim so they won't ship it out until I get verizon or whoever to fix this. And the answer is the same...IMPOSSIBLE.


Assurion is the worst company ever!!!!


Maybe VZW_CS should take responsibility for the companies they work with. I hope people start standing up for themselves and tell Verizon and Asurion they aren't going to take it anymore.

I personally won't give another cent to either company. I am a true believer in customer service, and if a company as huge as Verizon can't proved adequate customer service, why the heck am I paying so much for a phone! I won't waste my money with them anymore because of Asurion.

If they truly cared for their customers, they would work with companies who also care for their customers, not a company who drives customers away.

Maybe you should take that to heart VZW_CS.


I agree I don't like this company at all. I got a replacement phone from them and it didn't come with a micro SD card.

Which is was suppose to cause my phone got stolen from me. Then when I finally did get a hold of someone and made my complaint they said that it would come over night. But it didn't it just came ground and I had to wait two weeks for it to come. For myself being a field repair tech.

that put out of work for those two weeks.

Plus they sent me the wrong size micro SD card and now they are not going to replace it with the proper one. So I agree don't get the insurance cause its a waste of money and time.


So my daughter dropped her phone and it was ran over by a car. Since it was only 6 months old and a Galaxy S (Tmobile) and I made her save up to pay the $130 deductible to replace it.

When I filed a claim it was denied because phone was not in use at date of loss (I guessed. So called t-mobile they said last time used was 09/27/11. I went back to Asurion and they denied claim again. Said no airtime was used.

Yeah well it was just turned on, it is broke can't use it. Finally after several hours of determining the date it was no longer usable, 06/24/11. Asurion denied the claim again. You ONLY HAVE 30 DAYS to file a claim.

So Asurion has several hundred $$$ of my money for the years I have carried insurance on 3 lines and they refuse to cover a phone because of the "airtime" date.

I just cancelled all my coverage. I will just buy phones off ebay and save some $ since I paid for nothing all this time.


remember there is a diffrence between customer service and what you want ;)


I am sorry to learn of your bad experience with Asurion. I understand your discontent. Please be assured that you are a valued Verizon Wireless customer and we want to assist you with any equipment concerns you may be experiencing.

While we cannot control the way other companies operate (Asurion) we'll be happy to your concerns and explore phone replacement options with you.

For online assistance please follow us on twitter @VZWSupport or for immediate assistance please call us at 800-922-0204 between 6am and 11pm CST.



good luck with switching companies, they cover 95% of insurance for cell phones with all providers.

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