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Asurion does not care about its clients' property. All they care about is the dollars they make off of poor suckers like me who can't afford to buy a new phone.

I wouldn't be surprised if operate some sort of 'chop-shop' style ring where they buy stolen phones and resell them. I can't believe there are not any other phone insurance options available. Verizon has disappointed by not putting more pressure on asurion to do the right by its customers.

If you initially spend over seven hundred dollars for a phone and you pay an insurance company $30 a month for protection you should get a top quality replacement phone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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No kidding , I paid $175 deductible for a refurbished phone, sent broke phone back in provided envelope, Assuriane said they never got it! Charged my credit card another 400!

I don't get it . My $21000 car has a $500 deductible if it gets wrecked.

I just buy phones cash then pay as I go . This is my new hobby to destroy assurian


They are just as bad to work for no respect


Asurion is a HUGE ripoff and their "warranty" not worth the paper it is written on. Because they have a virtual monopoly with the 4 major phone companies, they give *** service, too.

Their online interface is a JOKE, and you end up having to make a call, wasting more time.

Your best bet? Put $10 per month in a savings account, in case you lose or break your phone.

In the long run, you are FAR better off.

William C. Head

Attorney at Law


Last Saturday my lg g3 screen broke from being stepped on. This past Monday I took it to the sprint store and I got a new one in the mail 2 days later and I only had it for a day and its unuseable.

It kept freezing and restarting on its own so I looked up the problem. I factory reset my phone and now I can't set up my phone. Its still randomly resseting itself and I have to go to the sprint tomorrow and get another replacement. And this isn't the first time I've had a replacement phone from them.

It seems that every phone I get from them freezes and lags. But this is by far the worst replacement because I literally can't even use the phone.


$30 x 24 months =$720.

$200 deduct able

Option not to pay customer!

Rip off


CRIMINALS. Bad business ,


People dumb. You aren't getting a new iphone.

You're getting a phone that has been remanufactured. Parts that were used in someone else's phone. You spend hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone from Verizon.

later the phone messes up so you send it to asurion and in return they send you a remanufactured iphone that was previously used by someone else. Yes a phone with used parts.


ASSurion is a rip off for sure! And the old lady I dealt with was a complete moronic and rude ***. Wish I had her name.

I lost a brand new phone, but most likely stolen from me and insurance should offer NEW phones IDENTICAL to the one I asked for instead of sending me, a used and different colored phone.

Next time, I won't be getting insurance with them. I'm going to get renters insurance and I recommend others do the same. Put ASSurion out of business for the crooks they are.


Assurion DOES run some kind of chop-shop ring, but the phones are "stolen" from their customers. They force people to "return" their smashed up phones and then they "refurbish" them and resell them to other customers by making the customers pay a high deductible on their own phone that was accidentally damaged.

this is how they make more than half of their money. The rest of their income is from overcharging premiums. They are a joke. People are better off seeing if their homeowners or renters policies cover the devices.

Or you are better off buying an extended warranty that offers something like Apple Care for your iPhone. I wish I had bought the Apple Care for my daughter's phone. The awful $169 deductible was a total ripoff! I am so angry I could bust!

Verizon is going to hear about this and I am going to ask them why customers aren't offered warranty coverage or the continuous care coverage that the manufacturer provides.



@check yourself, you are exactly right, I think a lot of people don't realize they are filing an insurance claim and treat it like they are "ordering" a phone from Asurion. Every insurance company that I know of charges a deductible to keep the premiums low.


Here to inform anyone reading this. I am on my 2nd replacement phone 1st was doa.

This one ain't much better constantly reboots and locks up. When I call in for help I get hung up on. It is now 15days since I had a working phone. They suck anyone looking to use them beware 1st replacement was nib, second was a white box reman.

I didn't buy a reman phone I bought new! And this one is bricked to.


I've been trying to file online and the security number entry gets rejected everytime. I KNOW HOW TO ENTER A SEC #!!!!!!


I recently got a replacement phone from Asurion and have a number of gripes. Number 1, they never work properly.

ALWAYS glitchy. So I feel like after all the money I shell out for insurance + the deductible of $170 I should get a phone that works just as well as my original. It may not be a "chop shop" situation but it certainly feels like it when your phone won't perform certain functions and freezes up all the time. Asurion also sent me the wrong model, an iPhone 4 instead of a 4S.

Not realizing I went through the entire restore process anly to have to do it again. Which I'm still dealing with right now. Such a pain in the ***. Asurion also does not provide SIM cards with these phones so now as I sit here trying to restore the second phone they sent I can't bc now I have to go BACK to the Verizon store and purchase yet another product to make my "replacement" phone function.

Lastly, what is up with this ghetto charger? Can't I just get an apple charger? I have to jerry rig the thing with another apple cord to get my phone to charge (wish I could post a pic bc it's ridiculous).

This means I will also need to buy another charger. Thanks Asurion, rock on.


Pretty sure that "check your math" must work for asurion. Here's some math....$7 a month for 20 months = $140.

Add in the $130 deductible, and you are paying $270 for a phone that initially cost $200.

True, that each individual signs up for this "insurance", but the cell phone companies also do not disclose a lot of information on how it works before you buy. It's good if you are buying a $700 phone, but for the average person it is a waste of money.


@Check your math ... Get off your knees, your getting rub burn sucking on Asurions d!ck!!...

They are a scam, they want proff my phone was lost.. HUH?? If I knew where and how it was lost then it would NOT be lost!! They made me sign a sworn affidavit, ID & proof of purchase.

I sure they would ask for DNA if they could. SCAM!!


LOL. You don't pay 30/month.

You pay 6.99-7.99/month, is the average premium with Asurion. Your deductible is a part of any claim to lower your overal loss. Would you rather pay $700 for your own replacement? And you get 2 claims in a rolling 12 months as a part of your policy.

Last time I looked, you weren't forced to buy insurance, so playing the victim here after signing up willingly to an agreed upon policy at this stage doesn't make alot of sense. You should save your money then. Insurance is not a right, it's a product and a business. And as far as "chop shop", not quite.

Asurion produces remanufactured replacment devices that are covered for an additional 1 year warranty, and pass all quality inspections that exceed that of the original equipment manufacturer, and in all cases, have a manufacturer's approval as an authorized repair dealer. It's an outstanding level of premium service that can make you whole within 24 hours of your phone loss, without charging you for shipping. That type of service and supporting technology are not cheap, or easy... and why Asurion has no competition.

They operate by choice as the primary insurance provider to cell carriers. The competition like Square Trade, or Farmers INsurance, etc...will not get you a replacement device withing 24 hours, and in some cases dont also cover Lost, Stolen or Liquid damange...where Asurion is comprehensive. No one is holding a gun to your head to carry the insurance.

It's a premium level service that works for the right consumer. If you aren't satisfied, than simply drop the coverage and quit whining about the policy that you agreed to purchase.

@Check your math...

Assurion did NOT get me my replacement phone for over a MONTH! Whoever wrote the "Check Your Math" post does not have a handle on what my experience was.

I waited and waited, and every time I called they gave me the "we're very sorry" song and dance. Ultimately, I found out that they might give you a "refurbished" replacement phone even after paying your $99 deductible and your $7/month. Given that this is INSURANCE, it is understandable that I expect a NEW phone upon replacement, not an Assurion "refurbished phone.

Otherwise, I might as well buy over the internet through a reseller without any insurance. Yes, that may be a hassle, but I can save on insurance and deductible, PLUS remember the chances are that I won't lose my phone and need to spend the extra money anyway.

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