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I pay tmobile 200 dollar a month, plus 10 dollars each month for insurance. every month they are quick to take the money from my account without missing a beat. It happen to be that i lost my BB. and i didnt stress because i THOUGHT i was covered, since i pay each month, that would be the logic. i call tmobile, who tells me to work with a third party comp. asurion, but i like to call em ***-sure-they are!

right of the back i was pissed because when i signed the contract it was with tmbile not asurion. every month tmobile charge me not asurion, so y the *** would i have to deal with asurion.

any ways i need my cell really bad so i called asurion, who promised you that the process is easy..... total ***! they told me the bb is backedordered and should get to me in 2 day. *** once again.

its been 10 days and the BB is still backordered! Im currently on a waiting list!! i told them that when its time pay the bill i will but their *** on a waiting list, see how it feels. everyday i called to get the status of my replacement and everyday it was backordered! i simply told them WTF is so hard on calling the *** warehoue and ordering a million cells! any ways to be honest, the worst mistake cell comp. did was partnering up wth asurion. Just because asurion sucks and tmobile did nothing to solve my problem i will no longer continue service with tmobile.

im so sick of the *** companies, that nickel and dime you everymonth, but cant take care of issues.

so my conclusion is ***-urion SUCK

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Asurion sells their insurance through lies. I've been lied into buying an overpriced policy on a basic phone.

I've been lied to about deductible being $50 or so. Now, that I need to use the "plan", I find out the deductible is $100, because my phone was promoted to "advanced device". Still a basic phone... Today I will dump the so-called insurance like a hot potato, and will buy a replacement phone on e-bay.

Good riddance, Asurion. May you burn in ***.


Your best bet is to learn how to write without sounding like an ***.


All major carriers process through asurion. Your best bet is finding an independently owned store and buying their in house insurance such as esecuritel or Black tie protection through best buy!

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