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I bought a new Samsung Galaxy 2 S phone from T-Mobile with insurance. I then switched the SIM card with my old MyTouch4G phone, so I could keep my old phone number. I was told that this would not be a problem by the people in the T-Mobile store several times. Ten days later, my new phone was stolen while I was at work. I called T-Mobile and they told me that they will not replace my phone and that the insurance policy is attached to the SIM card/phone number not the handset. I was deceived by T-Mobile into believing that I had insurance on my phone. Additionally, Asurion, has a $130.00 deductable on this class phone and if they don't have one like the one that is being replaced they substitute a different model. My claim was turned down three times for three different reasons.

I would like to know if there could be a class action law suit brought against Asurion and T-Mobile. I know I am not the only one who believes that the insurance should go with the handsets IMEI or serial number rather than somehow be attached to the SIM card / Phone Number. Something should be done to prevent this type of underhanded thing from happening.

10 days after paying $230.00 and entering into a 2 year agreement my new phone is stolen. $40 more for a 16GB SD card. Monthly insurance fee, monthly service fee, etc. I am disgusted with thieves and with the absence of ethics in business. Especially T-Mobile and Asurion. I will have to purchase another SIM based phone or early terminate my new phone line for $200.00 that I cannot afford right now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Cell Phone Insurance.

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It'sts really important to read the fine print. You can't start a lawsuit when you had the option to read what's in black and white. There's a reason why it is set up to be on the SIM.


Rip off corporation. People loose or break their phone and are told to pay a deductible of 120.00 while your paying for a phone already.

Then they want to provide you with a refurbished phone that isn't the same phone you are still paying for.

Really. Class action or drop the carrier you are with....just saying :(


Horrible customer service. They are supposed to provide a service to me for the money I pay them each month. I was supposed to have a replacement phone next day, but now I'm told I won't receive it until a week after I was told.


i *** hate asurion there a crooked *** company and its *** what they are doing to us all



Asurion IS a RIPOFF! Its a SCAM and and example of Corporation robbery!

I bought an HTC EVO yeeeears ago and have paid insurance ever since. I call to tell them my phone has been damaged and they demand $100 deductible, on top of sending back the old phone. First, if the phone was stolen or lost the deductible would be the same as if I sent them a damaged phone to fix and make more of a profit from. I tell them forget it I refuse to pay the $100 fee and Ill just keep the old one and use it as is.

They actually have the NERVE to say because I filed a claim I MUST send them my phone or I will be charged $275.00 because my phone now belongs to them regardless if I dont pay to get a replacement. Why cant I keep my broken phone?

The one I paid About $400 for? This is an SAD AND PATHETIC OUTRAGE - CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!


I submitted a claim for lost phone. After receiving the replacement, I found my phone.

I contacted "Asuri-not" to have the serial number unlocked to sell the phone to get the deductible amount back. The representative told me she can't but I can send the phone back in and get a refund of the amount from Asuri-Not. After I sent the phone in I noticed that I never received a refund so I called in. After getting Hung up on numerous times, laughed at, and mistreated I finally was told that I can't get a refund because I was suppose to send in the replacement phone (which was already activated) and not the lost phone.

I spoke with multiple representatives and still no resolutions. To add insult to injury I offered to send in the replacement phone in exchange to have the lost phone sent back to me to get the refund. They said that's out of the question because they fulfilled their obligation. I hate being lied to.

And most of all I hate talking with customer service reps that don't serve the customers. After speaking with Sprint they advised me they would credit me $25 due to "Asuri-NOT" not keeping their agreement with me and to contact Asuri-Not to see if they will offer a partial refund also...

Of course I was denied once again!!!! I will never ever ever do business with Assholerion again and I wish I was rich so I could sue!!!

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