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I just got off the phone with Asurion!!! I've been without a phone for a little over 2 months because of them.

The kept sending me defected phones. I finally got fed up and upgraded to a new phone. All of a sudden I see a $500 charge on my phone bill. It turns out that Asurion is charging me for a phone I never returned to them when I did.

I called and the lady could only tell me that they hadn't received it and there was nothing they could do. I kept telling her, it shows that the phone was received by them on March 21st. All she can say was "there's nothing in the system and I don't know" I don't know wasn't good enough for me!!! She finally asked for the tracking # and comes back and says they will remove the amount from my bill.

That is WRONG what they're doing. If you don't have proof they will *** over and all they know how to say is " I understand but that's what is in the system" What about people that can't speak for themselves. Like the elderly or those who English isn't there 1st language. How do I start a class action???

I'm sure there are a lot of people who have gotten screwed over by Asurion, it's just WRONG!!! I want to do something about it.

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Whats is bbb? I need to file a complaint!


To tami4965: If Sprint decided to give you a phone I don't understand why they charged you a $35 fee. Because it's malfunctioning it's on Sprint to replace the phone without having to use the insurance.

My suggestion is go to the BBB and file a complaint. I filed mine and all of a sudden I got the Asurion complaint manager calling my and finding ways to make things right. After it was all said and done I went in and upgraded and got a new 2 year contract. Although now he said he will reimburse me for the phone that I upgraded to.

But since I don't have the receipt anymore he can't do it but he's sending me a $90 gift card. Anything you do with them always make sure you keep a copy of. If you need to drop anything off at the UPS make sure you ask them to give you a tracking # and keep it with you until the end. I was being charged close to $500 because they had not received my phone and I kept telling them they had my phone because according to the tracking # it was signed for.

They kept trying to put all these excuses and wanted me to pay. Finally the chick took my tracking # and checked it and came back and told me I no longer had to pay and it was going to be off my invoice. Keep doing what you're doing and in a couple of days if there is no result complain to BBB.

I know your frustration. :( :(

Tami G

I am on my second HTC evo shift 4g, the first one I had for almost a year then it constantly froze, Sprint replaced it for a $35 fee. The second one I had for 19 days and it stopped working for calls and texts,(but because it was a "replacement" they said I had to use my tep for it) sprint had me file my claim.

Sucked that I had to fax all my info in, nothing could be done at the sprint store.

I was told I would be "upgraded" to the Evo 3D, well that would probably be nice however this was Monday and I am still without a phone, so much for getting it the next day... :(

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