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this may not be the correct place to write this but I want someone else to know that your warranty coverage sucks. I have had beyond good luck with filing a claim for my broken phone that was purchased in store and still have not gotten my egift card emailed to me ..

here is my sitation.: I just wanted to make a comment about the hard time I was given and I hope that this email is received by a supervisor. I am going to start off by explaining my experience with your service. last year me and my wife bought new phones in store at Walmart and purchased protection plans on both phones, at the same time same day all on the same receipt. I called later that day and registered them both , which I did not find out until later ,wasn't done correctly.

my wife's phone wasn't actually registered properly or so I was told when I called this past week to claim her broken phone (service number :86021563). well when I called to claim her phone the lady who filed the claim told me that we would receive a box the next day via UPS with all the instructions inside which never came. later the next day when the box never showed , I called again and the man I spoke with explained that the previous representative messed up and physically mailed out the shipping label which would not arrive until 5-7 business days later and he told me that it should of been sent via email. he explained that he would now have to cancel the claim and reopen a new one in order to fix this, which he did and I received a label in less that 30 mins.

the man told me what to send back in the package and said that I would then receive a egift card in my email between 24-48 once you receive scanned proof from UPS that my phone was picked up to be sent back. I then packaged my wifes broken phone dropped it off to a drop location and waited. the next night around 9pm I received the email with the gift card. I was a little annoyed but truthfully I thought that I had gotten it fairly fast and my wife was just happy to be able to buy her replacement phone.

I hope I did not loose anyone with all that I have type. I am going to continue now. ok so this week , the 17th to be exact is when I filed the claim on my broken phone, which is messed up because neither one of our cheap phones lasted longer than a year and I thought it was funny they broke so close together but that didn't matter. so I called on the 17th and filed my claim, already knew the process because I had previously delt with a claim before.

I got the email , printed the UPS label and dropped off my broken phone to a drop box. I followed my phone with the tracking number provided , reference number (86398695) tracking number (1Z8W0W179090846458). the next day I still had not gotten an email stating any changes on my claim and also no gift card. I then contacted a rep via online chat.

I was told that it would take 48 -72 from when my claim was filed and I knew that was bull because of the last time I filed. well I sucked it up without a phone and waited .. mind you I filed 9am in the morning so on the third day I contacted someone twice, once in the morning and once at night. in the morning the rep told me that once my phone was shown as received I would have my gift card .

ok no problem , maybe it is just taking longer this time. I understand places are busy. later that night the lady I spoke to which was last night told me that It should not of taken this long and I should of gotten the email already with the gift card. she tells me that my phone claim wasn't set to automatic and that she would push things through.

she also told me that since nobody could call on the weekend that someone would email me about this to at least give me an update. ok no problem, maybe tomorrow I will have everything fixed. so now today the 20th, going on the forth day I spoke to another rep who tells me that the 24-72 mark doesn't start until you receive my phone so that you are still in the time frame and I shouldn't have it for another day or so. she also asks me weather I want it sent in an email or mail and she explains to me that if she mails me the gift card it will take longer to get.

right about now I am furious because I am like what are you talking about. I should of already had the email by now or at least an updated account on what was going on and now she is asking me which way I want to get my gift card. she made it sound like it was never processed in the first place and that she was doing it just then. so I was really mad at that point and I got off the chat to call.

mind you I don't have a phone of my own, I got lucky and borrowed my brothers phone, with the wife at work I called.. well finally some real answers. the guy on the phone tells me that the tracking number sent to me (1Z8W0W179090846458) isn't associated with my phone. he tells me that I will have to call back on Monday and tell the rep to file a lost phone claim because the system doesn't know that you guys have already gotten my broken phone back.

he tells me since its only going into the 4th day he can not process this speed request so that I could get my gift card now.. like seriously you couldn't help me out after all this ***. whatever, I was very nice and since he did a lot more than any of the other reps and actually told me the truth I thought what the heck, nothing I can do with yelling at him. he tells me that once I call Monday that it will still take another 24 -48 hours after that to receive my gift card.

I am really sorry for rambling on and I really hope someone important reads this and does something about this because *** like this isn't fair to a person like myself who spends the extra little money that I got on your protection plan. i should not have to call on Monday to tell a rep to do their job. wtf . I think this is ridiculous and I will be posting this same exact comment on every forum I can find tonight.and the next night all up until I finally get my gift card.

I want people to know what kind of people work for your company and I will express the fact that I will never purchase another protection plan from your company again let alone a Walmart phone. i will never recommend it to anyone i know. well that is my comment , i hope you have a nice day because i sure in the *** wont. thanks for nothing.seriously oh btw my wife did already buy another phone an protection plan and if i could return it i would do so tonight.

by the time this is all fixed i will have wasted a week of my phone plan through straight talk because i could not get a replacement. nobody is going to reimburse me for that kind of loss and it isn't fair. im sorry for sounding so rude but honestly i DONT care.

i would never treat anyone like this nor would i lie to them about a mistake made if in fact i actually made one.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $99.

Preferred solution: i would like a full refund for the price of my broken phone and reimbursment for the lost week of cell phone service i paid for due to not being able to purchase a new phone to use..

Asurion Pros: Return ups label emailed to me.

Asurion Cons: Run around games i was given, Being told just to wait, I hate being lied too.

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They don't honor what they suppose too. They love to give you the run around and tell you they will call back or you must just to get you off the line.

Then when you call back they act as this is the first time ever hearing your complaint like it's not documenting in their system. Their not legit.

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