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When I tell you there is one company I truly hate dealing with is Asurion. The replacement process is simple but if the send you s defective device its like walking in *** to get it replaced. I can't believe the hoopla you must go through. Also the attitude of there tech support is insulting and rude. I can't stand a company that takes a "Take it or leave it attitude" and does nothing to rectify the consumer experience.

I love Verizon but when they take the position of its between "You and Asurion" it makes me question the $3000 a year I give away to them ever month. I have paid my bill every month, including insurance , but have to wait seven days before their back order issue is resolved before I get t phone I just paid. another $99 to get. I have come out of pocket enough but still must pay for Asurions lack.

I wish Verizon would develop its own insurance program I would even pay more. If I could find a provider that does not use Asurion or provided me another option I would end my love affair with Verizon.

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I use T-Mobile and bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone thru them, with the Asurion insurance. I returned that phone, damaged, to Asurion in Nov.

2013 and received a new phone quickly. All well and good. But then I got a letter from Asurion in Jan. 2014 saying they were cancelling the policy because I'd returned a second phone in Jan.

for replacement and 2 phones is the policy limit. Problem is, I never returned a second phone. I called Asurion and they said they'd send the matter to their fraud unit -- all they have to do is see where they shipped the second phone, right? Fast forward to Mar.

2014 and I see a charge for $295 on my T-Mobile bill, because the defective second phone wasn't shipped back to Asurion. I call T-Mobile and they check and see that the second new (or refurbished) phone was sent to NY City (I live in Calif.).

I seriously wonder if the computers at Asurion were hacked, enabling thieves to obtain customer information and passwords and get high-end new or refurbished phones for the $200 or whatever. Thumbs down to Asurion for poor customer service in not getting back to me after my complaint.


I received an iPhone replacement fro Asurion 45 days ago and it just died on me yesterday. I took it to the Apple store and the tech told me it had stage 2 water damage...Really???!!!

I have not been anywhere near the water with my phone. The damage was so bad the screws inside had rusted the entire length of their threads...the tech actually showed me the inside.

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