Richmond, Virginia

I purchased a Viper razor scooter from Walmart around December 2014 for my daughter for Christmas. I was sold on buying the warrantee because it was said to cover everything on the product & I put warrantes on all my items I spend a lot of money on.

When the weather got warm in march 2015 my daughter got the chance to enjoy the scooter. Well a month later the motor began to act up and the tire went flat. I called asurion and was told everything they did not cover but they tell you they cover everything to get you to purchase the warrantee. They did not cover the inner tube but only the moter.

They shipped me the parts and threw in the inner tube as a nice jester but I asked who will fix the scooter? I was told they would find a service center & return my call. No one called back & I had to search for the parts they took 3 weeks but still no service center. I called back they sent me to a Lawn Moore shop many miles away from my home which not only don't fix scooters but do not honer the warrantee.

I called them once again & got the run around and was told they would return my call with a nother service center. I received no call back so I had to go back to Walmart where I purchase the warranty and get them to give them a call. The manager at Walmart also was told they would call back when a service center could be found. Walmart asked to resolve this issue that same day and honor A refund or a new scooter.

Asurion refused & Walmart ended up doing a exchange for another type of riding bike for my child. I was very persistent and you should be as well asurion has been getting away with scamming people and we must no longer allow it.

I will never purchase a warranty through asurion & you should not either. Something about asurion seems not to be legit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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