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About a week ago, I received an alert from my bank that a charge had been made using my credit card without the card being present. It was for $199.00 and made by Asurion Wireless with a listed phone number of 866-667-2535.

I called the bank, and the rep cancelled my credit card and ordered a replacement. The only question I was asked was whether I might have made a cell phone insurance claim. I had not. This made me wonder if the charges were made by another party, perhaps someone who was trying to defraud both me and Asurion Wireless.

I have rarely if ever used this particular credit card for online payments.

I wonder if this might have something to do with the December 2013 security breach at Target. I did use this particular card once there during that time.

Reason of review: credit card fraud.

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This just happened to me and I am beyond pissed. I am calling during there normal business hours to figure it out but I had my card cancelled and an alert put on my account

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