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"ASURION WIRELESS INS 8666672535 TN $99.00"

I also have this charge on my account/debit card. My bank instructed me to contact the merchant directly at 866-667-2535 and request that they cancel the transaction before it's authorized. So I called the merchant--apparently this merchant is affiliated with those idiots at Verizon, with whom I do NOT have a mobile phone. I was told that this amount represents a deductible when a claim is filed on a mobile device. The merchant asked for my card number to verify, which I declined to provide.

I've called my bank to report the card stolen and to file a fraud dispute/claim.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Claim.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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to Anonymous #1717147

Azurion plays this game with all Verizon customers


Same thing happened to me. $199 charged


Same thing happened to me today! I had two pending charges for 199.00 each.

Luckily my bank handled it swiftly. I use this card everywhere so have no way to narrow down where the problem may have happened.


I also just had to dispute a 199.00 dollar charge. Never heard of these people until the unauthorized charge appeared I do rarely use the card that was charged so at least I can say it may have been hacked by one of three places, although with so many reports of this I wonder if something else is going on.


I found a fraudulent $199.00 charge from Asurion Wireless Insurance while I travelling outside the USA. Had to call collect credit card issuer to cancel my compromised card. It was a pint in the butt to go through the cancellation process.


Disgusting to see there are so many complaints about this company randomly taking money from people who have no affiliation. This happened to me yesterday as well.

They took $149; I had to cancel my card and dispute the charge as fraud. I move to a new apartment tomorrow and was stressing so incredibly hard about how I'm going to pay my rent/bills/groceries until I receive my new card.

I have it halfway figured out, but I'm so angry that they got me at the worst time. How are they still in business??


I have a charge of 149.00 dollars on my account for today. Thanks to your company my grocery money is no longer there.

I'm a single mother that lives paycheck to paycheck in this economy. I'm tired of people sitting on their butt stealing money from hard earned people.

Now I have to go with out and change my information. This is a waste of time and trying to get through is ridiculous.


25/03/2019 My debit card in the UK was charged with $199USD from this company! What the *** is going on - do they not do identity checks? Obviously only care about getting the money, not where it's coming from!


was charged $199.00 to my credit card dated 2/22/2019 i do not have a Horizon, no do i do business with them where did they get my credit card information??? canceling card


I as well had a charge of $244 on my debit card. I am not affiliated with this company nor have I ever heard of them.

My account has been blocked and I’m pressing charges in whomever got my information.

I am livid. They not only stole from me, they stole from my children as well.


Same Here!! I have a a charge of 89.00 to my account from this company which I have never hear before!

This is incredible, I'm from Spain and I'm trying to contact them.

Does anybody knows any email or something? I only want my money back!!!!


I discovered a charge on my debit card for Asurion Wireless Insurance. I had to google them to even figure out who they are.

Verizon affiliates. I do no business with Verizon and have not ever. I do not have any insurance on my devices and have no idea how this company got a hold of my debit card information.

I am disputing the charge in the amount of $175 and had to shut down my account and am awaiting a new debit card. This company appears to be connected to many fraudulent charges from the looks of it.


I just received a call from my credit unions fraud department that this company tried to put a $400 charge through on my Debit card. I also have no affiliation with Verizon at this time.

They closed down my card and now I will need to go through the hassle of getting a new one.

Grateful that I am not out any money. Someone also tried to sneak through a $1.21 charge from Volvo.


I also was charged $199.00 by this company asurion today 11/6/2018.Fraudulent charges on my account. I have contacted my bank & cancelled my card.I don't even have a Verizon account at all.

Thank god I have b of a will credit my account back.

But the whole hassle of getting a new card & waiting for it etc. ,etc....


I was charged $199 for service I never authorized through Asurion. I never signed up for anything, although I found out that all my keystrokes are being recorded, as yours are too.

If you buy something online, make sure you open "Notepad" and in between entering numbers into a website to purchase something, enter other random numbers into Notepad, at the same time, to keep someone from electronically getting your credit card number. Example; If your card number is 1234-5678-9012-3456, then type 123 in the website, then 654 into Notepad, and then 456 on the website, then 921 on Notepad, and so on, until you have entered the whole number into the website for your purchase.

Also remember to enter random sets of 2 or 3 or 4 numbers each time to keep someone from getting your number, or the date, or the security code. My bank says I have to wait 10 days until I can get the money back and the phone number they've given me says, "You can't call from your area." Electronic ***


So having had exactly the same thing happen to me, I decided to do a little digging first before firing off blame. I found that my phone carrier T-Mobile had a recent data breach.

I had recieved a $199 charge from Asurion whom I do not use directly, but apparently are the insurance behind Jump which is a service TMobile offers for insuring and upgrading your phones. I pay this through T-mobile and should not have a direct bill with Asurion unless I had filed a claim. I checked this with my friendly T-Mobile specialist. I also spoke with an Asurion representative through their facebook chat.

They took my details and confirmed they had caught a charge to my account and had reversed it already. I spoke with Chase - my credit card company - and also notified them of my situation, placing a block on the card and also requesting a new card and number. What I have discovered is that Asurion should be commended for catching this and reversing the charge. They are just as much a victim of fraudulent insurance claims - think about it, you get charged a percentage of what they have to fork out for whatever claim the perpetrator is lodging.

They also informed me I should contend this with my bank/credit card company.

In no way did they defend their position or make it difficult to resolve this. So before getting pissed off at Asurion, perhaps consider that you and they have been taken for a ride and you need to update your personal details on all sites as your data has been used against you.

to whybee73 #1590902

you sound like you work for the company - rip someone else off before saying we did this, we didn't do this. I don't have insurance through my wireless carrier, which you won't get the name of.


My debit card was attacked by this company, the deposited $199.00 and the same day withdrew the deposit. I have no account with them, and do not pay my Verizon bill with a credit card.

The same day some company in Berlin, Germany puts in a charge for $509.00 for some online music and video store. Is this a coincidence or is this part of the same scam.

to Mike H #1531095

Someone has your debit/credit card info and is using it to pay the deductible on a wireless device insurance claim. It seems like this has been going on for almost 5 years at Asurion.

I honestly don't believe peoples card info being stolen is an inside operation by Asurion employees.

However, I do believe that they need to find a way to verify the identity of the cardholder because whatever system is in place now has been an easy target for fraud for a very long time. Also the fact that your card was used in Germany is an obvious sign that info has been stolen and used or sold to be used for illicit activity.

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