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"ASURION WIRELESS INS 8666672535 TN $99.00"

I also have this charge on my account/debit card. My bank instructed me to contact the merchant directly at 866-667-2535 and request that they cancel the transaction before it's authorized. So I called the merchant--apparently this merchant is affiliated with those idiots at Verizon, with whom I do NOT have a mobile phone. I was told that this amount represents a deductible when a claim is filed on a mobile device. The merchant asked for my card number to verify, which I declined to provide.

I've called my bank to report the card stolen and to file a fraud dispute/claim.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Claim.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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I also was charged $199.00 by this company asurion today 11/6/2018.Fraudulent charges on my account. I have contacted my bank & cancelled my card.I don't even have a Verizon account at all.

Thank god I have b of a will credit my account back.

But the whole hassle of getting a new card & waiting for it etc. ,etc....


I was charged $199 for service I never authorized through Asurion. I never signed up for anything, although I found out that all my keystrokes are being recorded, as yours are too.

If you buy something online, make sure you open "Notepad" and in between entering numbers into a website to purchase something, enter other random numbers into Notepad, at the same time, to keep someone from electronically getting your credit card number. Example; If your card number is 1234-5678-9012-3456, then type 123 in the website, then 654 into Notepad, and then 456 on the website, then 921 on Notepad, and so on, until you have entered the whole number into the website for your purchase.

Also remember to enter random sets of 2 or 3 or 4 numbers each time to keep someone from getting your number, or the date, or the security code. My bank says I have to wait 10 days until I can get the money back and the phone number they've given me says, "You can't call from your area." Electronic bushlit


So having had exactly the same thing happen to me, I decided to do a little digging first before firing off blame. I found that my phone carrier T-Mobile had a recent data breach.

I had recieved a $199 charge from Asurion whom I do not use directly, but apparently are the insurance behind Jump which is a service TMobile offers for insuring and upgrading your phones. I pay this through T-mobile and should not have a direct bill with Asurion unless I had filed a claim. I checked this with my friendly T-Mobile specialist. I also spoke with an Asurion representative through their facebook chat.

They took my details and confirmed they had caught a charge to my account and had reversed it already. I spoke with Chase - my credit card company - and also notified them of my situation, placing a block on the card and also requesting a new card and number. What I have discovered is that Asurion should be commended for catching this and reversing the charge. They are just as much a victim of fraudulent insurance claims - think about it, you get charged a percentage of what they have to fork out for whatever claim the perpetrator is lodging.

They also informed me I should contend this with my bank/credit card company.

In no way did they defend their position or make it difficult to resolve this. So before getting pissed off at Asurion, perhaps consider that you and they have been taken for a ride and you need to update your personal details on all sites as your data has been used against you.

to whybee73 #1590902

you sound like you work for the company - rip someone else off before saying we did this, we didn't do this. I don't have insurance through my wireless carrier, which you won't get the name of.


My debit card was attacked by this company, the deposited $199.00 and the same day withdrew the deposit. I have no account with them, and do not pay my Verizon bill with a credit card.

The same day some company in Berlin, Germany puts in a charge for $509.00 for some online music and video store. Is this a coincidence or is this part of the same scam.

to Mike H #1531095

Someone has your debit/credit card info and is using it to pay the deductible on a wireless device insurance claim. It seems like this has been going on for almost 5 years at Asurion.

I honestly don't believe peoples card info being stolen is an inside operation by Asurion employees.

However, I do believe that they need to find a way to verify the identity of the cardholder because whatever system is in place now has been an easy target for fraud for a very long time. Also the fact that your card was used in Germany is an obvious sign that info has been stolen and used or sold to be used for illicit activity.

to Mike H #1590874

This same thing happened to me, for the same amount. I was instructed by my bank to contact them with the same number everyone else is being given on this website, and it said, "I'm sorry, you cannot call this number from your calling area." So my bank will get the $ from then in 10 days.

Meanwhile, I'm out $199 It's a scam at the highest level. I know a lot about computers and the information you type is being tracked, as mine was. The only way to truly combat this is to be careful and use notepad while making online purchases; Use notepad or another program to enter numbers randomly into, as you enter them online; Open Notepad and enter four random numbers, then enter your first four numbers into the websites "secure" webpage, then enter four random numbers into notepad, then the next four numbers of your credit card on the website, then four on notepad - and so on - until you have entered the whole number onto the website you are purchasing something from.

Never enter them all in one string. If YouTube can get what you're typing into your computer and give you videos related to what you've been typing, other websites can too.


how long has this been happening? Got notified yesterday that fraudulent purchases were being made with my Gap Visa which I hadn’t used in a month.

When I logged into my account I saw that a few weeks ago a charge had been made for $149 to asurion wireless insurance and then the same amount was returned. It looks like it was a test for the fraudsters because the card wasn’t used again to make fraud purchases for about 2 weeks. There must have been a *** somewhere.

I have Verizon Comcast. Have recently only used this card to make Comcast payments for the past few months but also see a thread on Verizon of the same complaints.


I have been charged $199.00 on May 18,2018 and have no idea what for. I called Bank of America and they canceled my debit card and filed a claim.

to Kathy #1598395

Did the same today Did you get your money back?


May 18, 2018 my card was charged $200 by asurion. I called my bank (Chase) and they were able to remove the charge as fraudulent.

to Jeremy #1483744

Me too May 18


i have a fraud charge also to my at&t account for claim april3 2018....turn my phone off 2 weeks after claim been fileb ...i have my phone this is a in house thing...very mad n upset!!!




The same thing happened to me!!! Now I have to go through a bunch of red tape, file a dispute with my bank regarding the charge and I may not even get my money back!!

I called the Asurion Wireless number and they were useless, said I filed a claim?? I don't even have cellphone insurance!

How could I file a $149.99 on something I don't even have!! Furious!!




Same here. I got $200 fraudulent charge from "Asurion Wireless Insurance" on my credit card statement on December 15, 2017.

I don't have and never have had a Verizon account. I have an AT&T account


Looking through my checking account transactions this morning and see a charge for $199 from asurion. We have no phone insurance!

Of course my bank doesn’t open until 8am and it’s a weekend which will leave me with no access to my money until I get a replacement card. So sick of all these damn scammers!


Today Dec 1, 2017 I was also charged by Asurion Wireless Ins on my debit card for $149.00.

I was charged right after I paid my MetroPCS wireless payment. How the heck did Asurion Wireless Ins get my debit card info MetroPCS?

Who the heck are these people and why are they making so many fraudulent charges?

I called Asurion Wireless Ins and actually got someone, but all I got was the run around.

I was told there was no one I could talk to.


Me too, saw fraudulent charge for Asurion Wireless Ins on my debit card. No idea how they stole my info, but I had to cancel my card and make a fraud claim. It seems this is a common occurrence for this business!!#?!%#

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