My U.S. Visa company was alerted that my credit card was compromised due to a 3rd party being hacked and credit card numbers were stolen.

Once I was issued a new card my old card was charged for two charges - $169 & $199 - from Asurion! I don't have a U.S. phone & have never even heard of this company. These are fraudulent charges and you should contact your credit card company for pursue this with them.

My Visa company is working toward having the charges reversed. How or why this company is involved with a credit card hacking venture is beyond me, but i would not have anything to do with them - EVER!

Monetary Loss: $368.

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One of the worst compinies I've ever felt with. Sent my check to wrong address for my refund for my phone and someone else cashed it. So now they say could take 90 day to get this straightened out a bunch of bs


Happen to me also


Just found two charges on my account as well. $99 and $250. I just froze my account and will be going to the bank in the morning to file a claim against those debits.


I had the same thing happen to me. I never purchased any insurance from this company, but suddenly saw multiple charges from them for $150 and $175.

I closed that card and filed a claim with my bank and it took several days for the charges to get reversed. I thought it was all ok, but then they tried to file a counterclaim and keep taking money out of that account.

If it was not fraud, they should have contacted me directly to let me know I owed them that money, but I obviously didn't so they pushed back with another fraudulent claim. I hope they burn.


Fraud charges on my Visa card from these guys over 2000 dollars total.


These charges also appeared on my account.($169.00) JP Morgan Chase has done a stellar job stopping these charges from going through. My account was closed and new cards will be issued.

Even if your card company doesn't detect fraud, you can dispute the charges and file a fraud report. Good luck and I hope everything ends well.

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