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I dont know why ATT gives the customer to terrible company. I met the trouble with the same problem with some one complain.

I lost my phone. ATT told me go to the Asurion website and open with the claim. I spent 4 days and a lot of time on the phone with them. After that I done the claim.

I wait to getting the phone. But they give me wrong phone. I called them they told they send another one. I told them that I will return the old one to them now or later after I got the new one.

They told depending on me but I see that policy return within 10 days, so I returned it urgent. Now, 15 days passed, and I called them , someone in there told me that I dont see any my status order, if I want they will reorder to me. I told them I want to black color. They told me that I got white before now I only get whiite not black.

It's so mad. The guy and the lady in Asurion company are not nice when they talked with me, they pissed me off. It's day terrible to me. I bought insurance why I cannot choose the one I want.

However, it is so damm when now my account shows that 2 get 2 claim phone now so I dont have any insurance. I come in the ATT store to help the guy in there told me that he cannot do anything I need to call the Asurion customer to *** one claim. I told him that I called a lot of time but the line always tranfers and disconnect I asked him call them but he told I need to call he cannot call. What do you think when the employee in ATT told you like that?

It is not only ATT customer service but also the Asurion company the same. They dont care about the customer when they do like that.

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