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Do not let them fool you! Direct tv/at&t will talk you into getting the premiere protection plan and Asurion will not do the work to fix it.

It is a money making scam!! I pay monthy for the plan(25 dollars), paid the fee and sent my tv in because the picture would slowly fade away to a dark screen. Then they sent it back saying it had a cracked panel inside the tv making the picture screen look cracked and broken and the power just keeps turning on and off over and over! There was no damage to the outside of the tv or the box it was sent in so they claim I sent it to them that way.

I did NOT send it in that way!!!! So they had to have broken it or it got damaged in shipping. But, because the hard thick box wasnt damaged, they say it didnt happen in shipping. The box did have boot marks all over as if someone walked on the box and that could have crushed the tv and done damage but they just tell me it is my problem not theirs because there was no damage to the box.

So I am supposed to just buzz off and be happy with them damaging my tv so I cant have it fixed at all now. They have been super rude about it and I just waisted a lot of money. This is a money making scam...dont sign up or get the protection plan becasue they dont honor it anyway.

They will create a reason not to have to fix it. Beware.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Claim.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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