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In the past month I have gone through Asurion twice. The first time to replace a phone that was stolen.

The next was to replace the phone they sent me because it was running worse than my last phone before the stolen one. I feel I must add that this previous phone was three years old, had been dropped in the bathtub, AND hit by a car. I had owned this phone for less than three weeks and in that time hadn't so much as dropped it.

Finally, I thought everything was solved.

Today I got my new new new phone from them. Straight out of the box and it isn't working properly. I don't mind if the phone given to me is refurbished or or if it's new. Nor do I mind the one hundred dollar fee.

However, if I have to pay a monthly fee plus a one hundred dollar deductible I expect a phone that either A) works like brand new or B) is brand new. Not to mention their customer service was rude and unhelpful.

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Asurion is the reason I am leaving Sprint. Brian Fitzpatrick who works as a specialist to the CEO in customer satisfaction said, "Your decision is your decision" when I told him I would be taking my business elsewhere.

He confidently gave me the name of the CEO Kevin Taweel as well as his address so I could explain to Kevin why I would be taking my business elsewhere.

This left me under the impression the CEO also does not really care about the customer either. All in all, interesting customer satisfaction if I do say so myself :)

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