Wallingford, Connecticut
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April 16, 2016

When filing a claim to replace my iPad Mini due to accidental structural damage I discovered the fine print element of my "ASURION" mobile device policy". I purchased my iPad Mini at the same time I upgrade my iPhone 6 to the 6s. There was a promotion where a qualifying customer could acquire a 16G iPad Mini for $50.00. And at the time of purchase the AT&T corporate store representative steered me to "Asurion" as the company recommended to safe guard any possible mishaps involving my mobile device, and so I bought the complete package.

Fast forward six months later; I dropped my iPad Mini as I exited my vehicle damaging the corners as it tumbled down a hill. When I called "Asurion" and set up a claim to have my iPad Mini repaired or replaced it was then I discovered the horror of this company known as "Asurion". My claim was processed and accepted and I was informed that another iPad Mini will be sent to me and my next phone bill will reflect an additional cost of $149.00 deductible.

I explained to the representative that is 3 times what I paid for the iPad Mini and that I was at that very moment looking at a web site that was selling the same iPad Mini for $149.00 and for an additional onetime payment of $19.00 the purchaser could get "one Year of Accidental Damage Coverage".

So it made no sense for me to continue to pay monthly premiums of roughly $7.00 or $8.00 for insurance and pay 3 times my purchase price to replace my iPad Mini. So I canceled my account with "Asurion" And proceeded to contact AT&T to see if they were aware of the company they are serving as an "AGENT" to business practice? It is my opinion that as a result of AT&T steering their customers to "Asurion": And by default of collecting insurance premiums and disseminating to "Asurion" are acting as willing participant to "Asurion" behavior:

AT&T representatives simply asked me what did I want AT&T to do about it? As "Asurion" is a third party company and AT&T has no control over their business practices. Yet if I felled to include the insurance premium in my monthly bill AT&T would disrupt my service on behalf of "Asurion". It is my opinion that "Asurion" mobile device insurance is a fraud and a scam that knowingly rips off the unsuspecting consumer and hides under the umbrella of a major company like AT&T. I would have love to given "Asurion" no stars but at least 1 star is required in order to write a review.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asurion Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Asurion Cons: Run around games i was given, Total scam, Poor customer service.

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