Baltimore, Maryland
Not resolved

My phone was stolen last Monday night. I immediately called Asurion & was promptly helped.

A phone was shipped the next day & delivered- to an address I haven't lived at in 4 years even after spelling my correct address-which was confirmed by the rep that couldn't pronounce it. They said they would resend one in 1-3 business days. I called again several times to confirm they had the correct address over the course of the next 3 days because i had not received a shipping notice via email. Didn't ship until this Monday.

It was again shipped to the wrong address. I called again and told them. They said another claim would be placed & another 2-4 business days I would have a new phone. I told them I would be in that neighborhood & try to intercept it.

They said if it was activated by the end of the day they would just stop the other phone from being shipped- easy enough. The new claim would be cancelled & the lost flag wouldn't be applied. I was lucky it was still on the porch at the old house (I live in Baltimore City) and went to the AT&T store where, after checking ID & verifying my account, activated it. For about 26 hours I had a working phone.

Then today at 7pm they blocked it as stolen/lost. No phone now. Nothing Asurian could do about it but say I would have a phone in 1-3 business days. Hadn't shipped yet so 2-3 is best case scenario.

Passed around the support center. No one could do anything. Still waiting. Terrible experience all around.

Rude, unknowledgable staff.

Lots of "I'm sorry"'s but no real help. The only thing they could tell me was certain was that terms & conditions of the contract would not allow them to do anything with the deductible.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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