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Today, I tried to make my final claim for a new Samsung Galaxy III device. I have two devices on my ATT account and Yes this is my third claim, one for my HTC about 6 months ago and 1 for my previous Galaxy because the charge port burned out.

The first & second claim were effortless, in fact Asurion has the broken devices, so it is not like I am claiming "lost" or "stolen", clearly my devices were destroyed. This claim has been a nightmare. First, they kept me on the phone for 15 minutes to "confirm my identity and prevent fraud." Only to tell me I need to fax their affidavit back. The simple "affidavit" "because Asurion takes my security seriously, and wouldn't want my information fraudulently used" is completely misleading.

It is not a signed affidavit to be faxed back, it is a signed affidavit, a copy of my state issued driver's license, a copy of my AT&T bill, and here's the real impossible kicker so they can get out of replacement, a copy of one form of "proof of purchase." and NO, my bank statement reflecting the payment to ATT is not enough "proof." They have made it impossible to replace my shattered device. I have no phone now, and I am completely disheartened by their level of dishonesty. I will report them to the BBB, not like crooks like this care, but i have expressed my disappointment about this newfound complex procedure to ATT. Initially when ATT offered the insurance to me, I had suspected this would be the case, I was surprised that my first claims were less offensive, but I guess they know now that they won't be recieving the $6.99 anymore from me per month so they will make it impossible to claim the device.

It is a real display of one's integrity. Asurion has NO INTEGRITY and neither do their representatives, which one I spoke with today was outsourced. I am sick to my stomach I have paid them monthly for 2 years thus far.

No professional or personal ethics from these folks. Stay AWAY -- DECLINE INSURANCE coverage when your cell phone carrier suggests it.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Yea, and they still suck Jeannie so what is your point. Asurion is the worst company by far.


The call centers are located in the US, dear.

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